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Because emo boys and emo hair seems to be so popular here is another picture gallery with emo boy hair cuts and hairstyles. Some of these are very cute so come and check it out!

If you are looking for gorgeous pink scene queen hair check out this video: Scene Hair

For more on cute emo boys hair style check out: emo boys

Emo Boy Picture Gallery:

29 responses to “Cute Emo Boys Gallery”

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  2. samantha says:

    hott emo boys i love emo and hott one 2 you look fucking!!!!!!!!!!

    love it!!!

  3. Tia says:

    Yes I must agree that emo boys are fucking sexy . . .

  4. Tia says:

    if you happen to have a myspace my email is add me

  5. libby says:

    i think it is boring. i mean look… they all look the same… get a new idea!!! why not orange, green or NO hair! it is painfull to see that stupid haircut everywhere

  6. libbi says:

    i think i am entitled to see BOTH eyes too

  7. Bianca says:

    libby who ever u r, u r like friken stupid cuz u have 2 admit dat Emo Guyz r damn HOT… let me ask u a question: “R U RETARDED?”
    Let me answer dat 4 u: “YES, I am…”
    LOL 🙂

  8. lazzie_gal xxx says:

    lol. 5th row 1st across it really fit, the rest … well, just ain’t.

  9. rhaelyn says:

    damn it. lol all theze boiz rrr fine!!! =] =]= ] lamo) add me on myspace hotties =] …. hit me up!

  10. Kuhrissayy says:


    Shut the hellup,,

    it’s just emo guys!

    And some of them aren’t even emo they’re scene!

    If some of you bichezz new an actuall

    scene/emo guy you wouldn’t flip out everytime you

    see one


  11. miso says:

    ia an emo girl seeking for love and passion if interested give me ur email

  12. ayden says:

    emo guys are hot full stop

  13. GUY says:

    Is Emo boy synonymous with flaming homosexual? I wanna die! I wanna die! But, I want to do it with another boy first.

  14. vanesa says:

    this boys r hot

  15. Sarah Sexx! says:

    OMG!! The one with purple hair… I know him!! I used to go to school with him!! xDD He’s mahh buddy. :]]

  16. Pollieee xo says:

    omg i feel like i know the kid in picture 3rd down and 3rd across. Meh probably not 😛

  17. alex or daysya call me one of those names says:

    omg i love emo guys some of them or bi and gay ut idc i think there cute and sweet i have 30 emo bff’s there fun to haing out with also cute hair mo gay dues are fun to haing with and there very good shoppers any way i just love emos

  18. brownie says:

    Omg these dudes r fucking sexy and if u can e-mail me @ thx and omg I cnt get it out of my head damn these guys r sexii

  19. brownie says:

    Omg I lyk purple-emo-dude he is fucking sexi with his big emo simle <[: ~* i kissed Deaje and i loved it *~

  20. brownie says:

    I think I know the dude n the pic n 4 down and 2 across I think I used to skateboard w/ him and his name might be Mario?

  21. anastasia says:

    alex-evans-emo-boy was real cute 😀

  22. devilchild666 says:

    all emo boys r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo… freakin hott! keep lokin gud guys!!!

  23. amee says:

    I love emo boys 😀
    btw. the “emo-scene-boy”‘s name is oli sykes, he’s Bring me the horizon signer! but that was when he was young. now hes like 23.

  24. sexyemochick says:

    all emo guys are freaking sexy!!!! i love all thier hair and swag!! yall are all fucking sexy!!!

  25. Skyeisemo says:

    ALL emo guyz are SEXYYYY!!!!! specialy one’s wid bue eyez nd back hair!!! Emo guyz are HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ForeverAlone:D says:

    The one in red with the pierced lip is Andy “Six” Biersack from Black Veil Brides when he was 19(?).

    Now I feel like a stalker.

    Want to chat? My email is

  27. Scarlett says:

    Wow i wish i was with one of them

  28. Shubham says:

    I like this hair style

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