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52 responses to “alex-evans-emo”

  1. paula says:


  2. AllyssaAttackAttack says:

    he’s Gorgeous. ((;


  3. Emo Girl says:

    OMG you all stand back!!! Alex Evans is soooooo MY bf! <3

  4. Suckit says:

    He is my real boyfriend. Shove it hoes.

  5. amy says:

    omg he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fit i love his eyes wow

  6. EmOEllie says:


  7. shania says:

    i love his eyes. they’re soooo blue it makes him so sexy. those rings are so cute too. alex, you’re awesome!

  8. shaina says:

    i love him he is soooooooooooooo HOT i wish he was my bf

  9. Constanza says:

    ooooh ell wn riiicoooooo!!!!!! el maas riico qe el lolii wn laa caago!!!! la cago pa sser rico… esos ojooos taan Bqaanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Clauuuchita says:

    oo you’re so cute!! I adore you the more richer than all the emos and Canadian world I love you all made to follow the way you are seen you up on youtube and I swear you’re the most beautiful beautiful beautiful rich of all I love you! with all my heart

    I LOVE YOU! *

    I write from Chile

  11. sandy says:

    accully he is not hot only his eyes make him looks pretty but pretty must b 4 girls so he is not hot that much spicly his big nose and the Plastic surgery which apearing very well on his face

  12. selena says:

    omg he is sooo fıt i love his eyes wow

  13. selena says:


  14. selena says:


  15. sandy says:

    ya ya right fake pretty by plastic sugary all his lovers r stupids

  16. alex says:

    i know this guy real life

    hes real hair color is light brown and his eye are gray he add lynces he is bi and gay
    sandy your comment is so right thank u

  17. cynthia says:

    very nice would be a waste if was gay but it is still very cute =)

  18. tiffany says:

    he is sooo hott

  19. cla says:

    oh mi examigo hueletraseros es famoso

  20. xX_Emo_Love_Xx says:

    Your eyes so beatiful … sry vor my bad english i´m not so good i´m coming from german … but respect vor you ( beatiful , good eyes , goog hairs , ) You are a dream-boy NOBODY IS SO SWEET WICH YOU …. T_T

  21. lizbella says:

    no pos wow
    !!!!!!!! i love beby

  22. mariana says:

    niño hermoso te amo!!!
    esozz ojitozz tan lindozz qe tienezzz!!mmmmm

  23. Brendaly says:

    oh my gosh he is so gorges man he is oh i would so fuck
    him in bed if I had the chance

  24. Rachael says:

    i am 11 and i think he is so sexy.i want to know if you will date me.

  25. rachael says:

    i am 11 and i want to know if you can date me

  26. Rachael Boone says:

    omg you look so hot with blue eyes i want to know if you can dateand i know this is weird but i am ugly and have an afro

  27. i am 13 and i think you r so hot and i need your phone number.

  28. THE BITCH says:

    dude you should call me my number is (702)272-8179

  29. Kastile says:

    My best friend went to a concert with him and she couldnt see so he put her on his sholders lol and she is getting me his number!! he is really hot!!

  30. stylOvina says:

    i’m from malaysia and i want to say…”dude u’re so hot” u can chat with me at if u want it dude

  31. Charlie says:


  32. rachael says:

    you know brendaly really does not like you she is just making stuff up.but me i actully love are so hot with blue eyes.

  33. Eameralda says:

    dude I would so fuck you instead of this cute boy at school named leeroy

  34. shanya says:

    do u are so fu*kin hottttttt i would bang u any dayyyyy? so call me if you want a real woman lol

  35. Taylor says:

    damn hes fukin hot

  36. shanya says:

    heyy, this is Teah. I’m Shanyas’ friend. herr & Taylor only know of you because of meee. <3 I love AlexEvansss.<3

  37. RocketShip says:

    That up there, by Shanya. I put that. (: Taylor doesn’t evan know who you are. ;]

    I friggin love AlexEvans<33

  38. Taylor says:

    y u talking about rocketship

  39. tha fame m0nsta says:

    he iz s0 g0rg0uez !!! iluv him

  40. Emily says:

    That guy is sooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3


    Te amo chico

  42. charley sharp says:

    he is georgeous bruv and i love his blue eyes <3<3 lol

  43. My says:

    your eyes……soooooo beautiful…… your hair and eyes just go so well together….

  44. sasori says:

    OMG!!!! i have so many pics of u!!!!!1 im not a stalker!!! i just like emo guys and ur the hottest ive seen so far!!! i wish that i could see u or somehow talk 2 !!!! but im 16 and you are a lot older

  45. sasori says:

    btw!!!!! i love blue eyes,,,, i also have blue eyes

  46. brooke says:

    soooooo sexy <3

  47. sehera says:

    awwwwww cute fellow!!!!

  48. E.L.W. says:

    Why are yall only commentin on his features and his appearence… looks shouldnt matter at all, its his personality that yall should really care about!!! I admit it though, sure he’s cute but I wouldn’t date him if he was a jerk ya know what I’m saying??

  49. JJlovesu says:

    E.L.W your right I hate to date guys who end up as jerks I think this guy is hot but Id have to get to know him to even think about dating him….

  50. EmotionalPrincess says:

    It’s hard to trust someone, when everyone you ever opened up your heart to, has let you down and pushed you away. Would you be different if I trusted you .?.

  51. Dezzy Rich says:

    SO CUTE lol 🙂

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