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32 responses to “emo-boy-cutie”

  1. nikieemo says:

    awesome can i get his msn he is so hottttttt

  2. Bianca says:

    i LOve ur juicy, and cute lipz… 🙂

  3. AngelH says:

    hey ur cute<3;)

  4. private says:

    omg i lurv your hoodie and your shirt :O, cool lip ring tho =]

  5. CatXCatastrophe says:

    This is Andy Sixx<333
    He is in the band Black Veil Brides.!! 😀

  6. LoveBVB says:

    Andy Six <33
    Yeaa Black Veil Brides <33

  7. Emo T Sk8r says:

    omg like hottest emo ever myspace or facebook?

  8. Scott says:

    Lol xD his name is Chris Posante

  9. azzy says:

    his name is andy sixx
    not chris posante
    google andy sixx you’ll see

  10. Jessxa6x says:

    😀 andy e-e I’m kinda pissed at him at the moment though

  11. fegik says:

    I LIKE

  12. Bionca says:

    i love how the red and black look so good together
    the hair and eyes r cute
    the piercings r low but its cute

    total bishie!!~~!!!

  13. urejustjealous says:

    You guys are dumb. This isn’t Andy Sixx. Haha. You on crack?! You can google Andy Sixx and get pictures of whales. That doesn’t mean the whale is Andy Sixx. It’s the internet, anything will show up. This boy IS in fact Chris Posante. Anyone who thinks they know otherwise can so suck a fat one^.^

  14. IdiotCommentedAboveMe says:

    Ok as my name says the idiot above me is infact an IDIOT.See the thing is when i google Andy Sixx a picture of a whale doesnt come up (one of Justin Bbier comes up but thats is not the point .-.) but when i google Chris Posante pictures of ugly blonde girls come up so if you cant use the internet then stfu (:

  15. urejustjealous says:

    Obviously, if you didn’t understand my point, then you’re the fucking idiot. Sure, if you type in “andy sixx” into google, or wherever, you might find this picture above. But you’ll also find pictures of: Justin Bieber, Alex Evans, Bryan Monte, Escape The Fate, Nikki Sixx, Christofer Drew, a cat, an old Playboy magazine, and a million other assfan wannabes. Last I checked, Andy Sixx wasn’t any of those people (or things). If you trust google for everything, it’s no surprise you don’t know what you’re talking about. The internet isn’t always true. If you haven’t realized this in all your wasted time online, then I really don’t know what to tell you. Guess you’re fucked for life.

    Chris Posante isn’t well-known. If you type in his name, of course you’re just going to find a few pictures of his face.
    Like Brandon White, for example. You find a whole bunch of old people, but that isn’t the same Brandon you want.

    The internet is a tricky place. You have to know how to work it.

    I know for a fact that this is Chris Posante. So why don’t you take your own advice and stfu, kay? Kay(:

  16. chris says:

    danm your really sexy

  17. reply-chris says:

    This is just a site for his face. This isn’t him. So don’t say “your,” you look dumb. You also look retarded because you said “your” and not “you’re.” Gtfo.

  18. Tony a Girl GOT IT says:


  19. Okay First Of All This Is Chris Posante Because He Is Mi Brother ! Ok So Ya’ll Need Ta Shut Da Hell Up ! He Is Not Not Aandy Sixx ! Cause If He Was He Would Not Be On Dis Fucking Site ! So Ya’ll Need Ta Go Some Where Else And Talk About Dis So Dat I Don’t Have Too Tell The Site Master Too Kick You Off !

    Thank You,

    Michelle Rogers

  20. urejustjealous says:

    Haha, told you it was Chris(:

  21. fegik says:

    how to straighten hair????

  22. urejustjealous says:

    Well… You go out and buy a hair straightener, and then you go home and use it on your hair. Lol. Or you can go get it professionally done. Like a perm.

  23. emo rocks says:

    Wow…may I say he is very very mother f****** sexy, i wouldn’t mind that any day ;] mmm….

  24. Sandra says:

    do have a girlefriend

  25. Sandra says:

    Do you have a girlefriend

  26. Urejustejealous says:

    Um. This isn’t like, a profile of his or something. It’s just a website with a picture of his face on it. Don’t ask stupid questions.

  27. Jazmine says:

    Isnt that Andy Sixx?

  28. Urejustjealous says:

    No. That’s not Andy Sixx. It’s Chris Posante.

  29. Sexy freak says:


  30. Taylor Weaver says:

    This is very late i know but this is indeed Andy Sixx now he switched it to his original name Biersack I know for a fact because i watch Black Veil Brides and he’s never once mentioned the name Chris Posante…yea if you search chris Posante it does show this pic but If you seach Andy Biersack (sixx)
    And if you still don’t believe me Listen to Black Veil Brides members or maybe even watch their music videos you’ll see the lead singer as Andy Biersack not Chris Posante…. this is a very old pic of andy to he looks nothing like this now

  31. urejustjealous says:

    no one cares anymore.

  32. dandy says:

    did anybody see his new hair?

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