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26 responses to “emo-cute-boy”

  1. lynzy says:

    lmao thts chris or… christie hehehehe

    no joke he is mii current bf lmao none of u will belive me tho..

  2. AngelMH says:

    DAMN! UR HOT LOLz <3 😉

  3. bloody_goth says:

    WOW! UR so cute!! can I get u skype please?

  4. laylaly says:

    OMG, this dude is sooo cute!!!what’s his name?his so ho L0Lz

  5. lmao says:

    does Anybody knowz his name?????

  6. LOVE says:

    His name is Ash, Ash Davidson.

  7. Xoxo says:

    Courese not”’ his name is damon straw

  8. Laylaly says:

    Does annyboddy has his facebook ???????? Sooooooooooo cute’ luv his eyes

  9. jasmin says:

    whats your name?? 😉
    i know him…. sam jones
    so all you people faking it, just leave him alone where happy togeather ok ?
    just go away. or tel the truth 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    His name isn’t ash or Damon his name is mike and he’s my mates b-friend 😀

  11. anomynus says:

    does anyone know his REAL name? and his facebook

  12. Shanell says:

    Fuckin Perfect!Hes cute!

  13. prince says:

    his name is dashing prince,
    and its my pics,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Anomynus says:

    How can that be even a name prince ?

  15. Emo buaih says:

    everybody,i rlly know him,he stays next to me,and his real name is Mason Tores

  16. lawliet says:

    his name is mason tores here s his face book!/profile.php?id=100001933444662

  17. Camille says:


  18. Tobster says:

    Ah, Ash mate looking good as ever, aha

  19. Tommo says:

    Yeah look guys seriously, your all gonna have to grow up because dis is my bud Ash, he’s a wicked ass person, so accept him for who he is yeah

  20. cassielove says:

    My boy!

  21. shhh says:

    Leave me alone!!!!

  22. SiteModeAgency says:

    Ok Everybody the truth is that person name is Ash,the person is a girl alrite everybody picks on her,btw mason already told me he ust to be a role player and mason is a rlly cool guy to chiil with,hes real btw,and so no more disputing about fucking everythind,DONE.

  23. stjimmy says:

    Hell no. Its myh older brother Kaleb.

  24. AD says:

    Ok, where do I begin, look the picture you see above is me, Ash. I’m getting pretty sick to death of immature individuals who are using my picture in order to create a fake identity. All these girls pretending they have dated me and whatever. There is only one girl I loved and will always love and she knows who she is. I wish I’d never let her go, but she’s gone. So please everyone just end it now for I need my mind at rest. Thank you.

  25. Melissa Trump says:

    I know who this is and i know how he feels stop picking on him he is a really nice guysand yes he is so hot but there r to many immature people in this world. y cant you all just get a life!!

  26. Melissa Trump says:

    Hey ash i got your back

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