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19 responses to “emo-boys-hot”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Im going to get married to this boy.Hes the love of my life<3

  2. hottie says:

    this guy is soooooooooooo H O T!!!!i want to kiss him!!!:D

  3. stupid says:

    he lokks cute
    and first he semms to be very nice
    but he always makes me cry

  4. Naive. says:

    wow. thats all i can say.

  5. A7LA eMoO says:


    you are so buatefull boy

    i really love to talk with you

  6. Wendy says:

    please eat!

  7. RocketShip says:

    Absolutely ardorablee. (:<3

  8. taylor says:

    He is not yours
    He’s mine <3

  9. Bec says:

    Does anybody know who he is?

  10. ashley says:


  11. sammie lowe says:

    you are not gonna believe me but this is my older brother but i dont know his email or anything seriously he dont let me know anythin and just for the record he does eat he eats to much and he is nothin to cry about xx

  12. Miky says:

    omg whats this guys name????

  13. emo_love says:

    hey does any body know how is this guy whats his name

  14. Mika says:

    ki gatoo
    realmente lindo…queria ki o meu fosse assim

  15. loverr says:

    HAWT!!!! I feel like jumping on you now!

  16. Yenni says:

    I have him on facebook c: his name is Fernando Green!

  17. guadalupe says:

    screw all of u im the best emo i should keep him <3

  18. awesome says:

    i know him i dont think he even knows that his picture is up there and by the way im already dating him.

  19. Emily b says:


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