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8 responses to “emo-scene-boy”

  1. Emo Girl says:

    This is the HOTTEST guy EVER! I am so totally in loooooove yayayayaya

  2. Taylah says:

    ok.. then?
    (comment above)

  3. memememe says:

    lol, hes oliver sykes from bring me the horizon, hope this info helps ^__^

  4. Wendy says:

    shes sooooo pretty… oh wait … its a dude?! oh… well, hes so pretty!

  5. Izzy-GlowsticK says:

    lawlz. Oliver is smexxxy. [= i wish there was emo/scene dudes around my area. NC, usa. SUX. >.< lulz :O ppl on here should add me on myspace XD email is <333izzy

  6. N. says:

    That’s not Oliver Sykes, you stupid “scene kids”.

  7. DanieDisaster says:

    @N… actually that is Oliver Sykes, when he was very young and just starting out. Go to any Oli fan site and you will see that picture or simply google “Oli Sykes” images. I have been a Bring Me The Horizon fan since 2004, when they were just a local-unsigned band. So now, who are you calling stupid?

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