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61 responses to “adorable-emo-boy”

  1. kathryn kanibal says:

    ok just so you all know that is not a guy it is a girl named cally yuleski it is my friend from calgary lol

  2. tiana says:


  3. Kuhrissayy says:


    you lok juss like my frenn, Ian πŸ™‚




  4. Krissipooh(: says:


    you lok juss like my frenn, Ian πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€




  5. Krissipooh(: says:


    diggen the shoes:)

    all mixmatched andwhatnot…

    cutiee :O

  6. Eva says:

    aww you look cute

  7. jasmin says:

    omg! haha its chris lmao he is mii boyfriend and screw u guys i already called the pink converse haha!!! i called them lastc week

  8. Taylah says:

    it looooooks like a chick lmao !

  9. Freack says:


  10. jasmin says:

    thts actuwaly a pretty old pic πŸ˜›

  11. Its my foto lol..Мая Γ‘β€žΓΒΎΓ‘β€šΓΒΎ,,,

  12. Dijjie Epha says:

    Yeah,it’s like the picture of my friend… or my friend download the picture of this page… who knows !?! Maybe he is just kind a big fat liar…

  13. ronycha says:

    i like your hair style…..


  14. fuck your mother says:

    he is my boyfriend so take it
    about the dirty hands, or broken.
    I love you, honey.(L)

  15. faith says:

    omg , wuz good ?

  16. Keira says:

    Awesome Dude (:
    Woaah .. Its A Girl O.o

  17. gothic punk says:

    why god wont go away?

  18. CorrinCannibal says:

    what the fuck? no! that ryan πŸ™ god rest in piece….

  19. kbhjhjbjhbjhbkhh says:


  20. kbhjhjbjhbjhbkhh says:

    that black girl above me is lying, acting like she knows that girl in the emo picture as “ryan”- ur so lame, trying to act fake surprised and whatnot. “what the fuck? no!!! that ryan (SAD FACE) god rest in peace) your fricken pathetic b1tch

  21. T30Silent says:

    Lolz :)) IDK if is a he or a she but it such a nice photo πŸ˜‰

  22. Alexx says:

    Omfg i would so tap tht

  23. Mattie says:


  24. Me ^^ says:

    this IS NOT Chris Dakota ^^
    Nor Criss Dakota
    This is a picture πŸ™‚

    Who the heck cares who it is?!
    I mean it is who it is stop fighting over it.
    Being wrong isn’t the pathetic thing.
    Arguing over ^ that is the stupid thing.
    Get a life and argue over something that madders not who did what.

  25. lalalala says:

    ..i know this guy^^

  26. -Wery Sexe _emoCute Boy

  27. faff says:

    your such a cute EMO

  28. Alice says:

    He sure is cuter than my X

  29. one girl says:

    lol guys, you are soo funny…
    noone knows him.
    and he is not a girl!
    he is a boy… i know him…
    i will call him X, i dont want to put his real name here.
    maybe he looks like some of your friends. but you are wrong!
    and he has a mail. which will be a secreet.
    and the most important: please, do not lie! he never had a girlfriend. and i can show you you are wrong. i have pictures taken with him. his cousin put this picture here.

    i understand, he is very beautiful, georgeus, whatever… i can read that. but it really makes me angry, how you guys lie!! please, dont post any more comments like: he is my friend from __, or :he is my boyfriend so keep the hands off… it really makes me mad :@

  30. Emo Till I Die says:

    Ok everyone this is enough, he is my boyfriend and I am getting pretty fed up with you lot saying that you know him, or you are dating him. When really non of you are your just making it up to try and sound big or cool or something. It’s not fair me and him just wanna live a happy life without people commenting on his (sexy) picture every day, so please people just leave it alone

    He is very handsome, but you don’t need to make up lies, like you are dating him, you can say you think he looks nice ot whatever but please don’t say you are dating him because It hurts me…. ok, sorry…thank you.

  31. Emo Till I Die says:

    Ok Everybody… I have commented above and it doesn’t seem to be working, so I will say again. None of you know him ( and it is a him not a her) HE is my boyfriend! Ok so stop lying or making up pathetic humerous stories that he is your boyfriend or he is a girl, when clearly he is my boyfriend and we are dating. I am getting fed up with these little comments about people saying haha so and so omg! When really you don’t even know him.

    I know he is ever so handsome, but it’s ok to say ‘oh he’s fit’ or something but please can you not like say he is your boyfriend or silly comments like that it would be much appreciated. It hurts me…ok….sorry and thank you.

  32. Bliss says:

    I actually do know him thoughh:L Hahaa.

  33. Ashley.. says:

    He’s not even pretty. Or cute.. Or anything really. He’s actually pretty ugly.

  34. Emo Till I Die says:

    Well thats you opinion and frankly him and I are happy together so I don’t mind…. but thank you for reading the comment and taking things into account.

  35. Deon says:

    god ok this is my pic yes hello i don’t know ANY OF YOU. so fuck of you love sick bitches, and i do have a girl friend she is my world. i am to the point to ware i want to track each one of you down and kill you. JUST STOP!!!!!!!

  36. cute101 says:

    deon do you know any of abovepeople ??

  37. Deon says:

    no cute101 i dont know any of them *shakes fist* all of you better feel good cause my girlfriend left me cause of this i will kill you all if you dont stop

  38. ashley says:

    i feel bad for you deon i seriously wish i could help u……curse u evil witches that commented things about him on this website ~shame on u people that commented things on this~ very bad ;_;

  39. charlotte says:

    who is this girl dean ??

  40. Deon says:

    DEON not dean grrrr but idk just a girl and thank you girls who admit you dont know me πŸ˜‰

  41. Jasmin says:

    Leave my boy alone ok?? He’s my baby so hands off! Wre happy in a good relationship

  42. Amy says:

    his name is DEON!!! :@

  43. Amy says:

    and emo till i die and one girl dont know him :@

  44. Amy says:

    *emo till i die does πŸ™‚

  45. Deon says:

    umm jasmin i have no clue who you are and this is ME

  46. Deon says:

    no emo till i die is a fake too

  47. Jasmin says:

    He’s hot may I get your number xxx
    So you don’t know the above any of them?x?x them!?

  48. Deon says:

    yea your not gettin my number but no i dont know any of them…well i know one of them πŸ™‚

  49. Deon says:

    k so ummm
    did all the sweet girls die????

  50. Deon says:

    Look I am not who you think I am, I made it up its all a lie, i am who emo till i die explained, I’m sorry.

  51. Deon says:

    Emo till I die was right, i am just another fake, i am very sorry and i know who the guy in the picture is, i dont know him but i know from meeting him one time his name is Ash.

  52. Deon says:

    I feel so bad about it, I guess karma comes back around. Ash I apologise, although I don’t know you very well, I am sorry.

  53. deon says:

    Oh wow yea use my name against me
    Here email me at

  54. deon says:

    Ok so I’ve decided to give life to this page again |ONLY FOR THE FACT THAT THERE ARE SOME VERY CONFUSED PEOPLE HERE| so, one of you sent me an email [I will not say who] I realize someone has been using my name, all the comments saying I’m fake aren’t me, please believe me I’m very sorry to those of you confused by this, I would enjoy it if you emailed me so I can explain further and get to know you if you wish :] my emails are: and both of these are connected to my phone so I’ll respond asap <3

  55. Zaneikah says:

    Heyy…. ummmm now im confused…… so Deon can ii inbox you

  56. Deon says:

    just email me

  57. sammii says:

    i think hez cute πŸ˜‰
    i love the hair #<3;!!!*

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