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49 responses to “alex-evans-emo-boy”

  1. joey says:

    hey i like ur new hair cut i think it is reall fucking sexy and yes im gay

  2. joey says:

    hi crystal

  3. joey says:

    hey stop fucking around crystal

  4. crystal says:

    i love you alex

  5. ashley says:

    you are my alex

  6. samantha says:

    hi alex u reall fucking hott i love u alex

  7. Bianca says:

    EeeeeeP! 🙂 AlEx EvAnZ ur like friken HOT!!!

  8. Tori says:

    omg nummy alex evans complete hottie and those eyes are breathtaking 😛

  9. eutuxia says:

    you are so sexy my love

  10. shania says:

    alex you are so cute! i love your eyes, i get lost in them. your hair is beyon hot and you are too. <3

  11. Torii says:

    OMFG! You are SO sexy! hahaha

  12. Crazy-boy says:

    Galigs Fufelis

  13. Red girl says:


  14. Naive. says:

    Omg you are gorgeous! I love your eyes they are absolutely stunning 100/10 broo 🙂

  15. wendy says:

    hola como estas alex sabes te vi por primera vez y me empesaste a gustar mucho no se si me podrias dar una oportunidd vivo en bolivia la pas llamame 79618147 si chau

  16. Natasha-Louise says:

    hey hun, must say your eyes are amazingg 🙂 really good looking lol. add me on msn if ya lyk and we can get chattin 🙂 Cheers Xxx

  17. sexyy sammi says:

    heyy alex your a complete babe!! gawjus eyes btw my names sam im a chick txt meee 0439443433

  18. jemma says:

    alex evans 😀
    your so hot lol, i love your hair
    suits you muchly xx.

  19. ise says:

    alex evans te adoro atte mini andreita muaaaa

  20. shanya says:

    can i eat you???????????

  21. Jas says:

    haha u guys r stupid Alex Evan is cute and everything but do u really think u have a chance with him:)
    so get ova it….

  22. karwan says:

    yas >>>>>emo love ? im

  23. karwan says:

    ilove emo

  24. Stacy (kit) says:

    Alex did u lie to me? </3

  25. alex or daysya call me one of those names says:

    omg u so cute love your hair i bet u fun to haing out with omg u are so cute

  26. blah says:

    this is not alex evens you guys are all fucking stupid

  27. its watevs says:

    omg wow ur the cutest guy evs wish i cood see yas in person wow emo love 4 ya keep on rockin emolove

  28. Heather says:

    Wow pretty eyes heather boyer new fan look me up on myspace!!!

  29. Daphne says:

    Damn, he doesn’t seem to have any purple hair! I like purple hair for some reason…

  30. Haydenn:) says:

    Helloo there<3

  31. marylu says:

    hi alex you are handsome and I like you I love you

  32. sweetheart says:

    ummm its cute and all but you guys act like he’s the only sexy guy on the planet!!! 🙂

  33. La Anny says:

    You are veri hot and you mucht doing akira salya


    Wahts your name ?
    I No Wenn Dan

  34. Skye says:

    omfg! u r soooo HAWT… i wishi had a hawt bf like u… mine is uggly =P…. u arnt!

  35. Riahree says:

    Alex, love your seriously H.O.T!!!love you eyes

  36. the Questionable says:

    so do you all just leave a message to this boy who most likely will never see this and or reply? I respect your insistancy I must say i couldnt do that at all. and yes he is attractive 😉

  37. courtney says:

    i love u sexy and i love ur hair it sexy i love u

  38. Ariel & janelle says:

    oh my jebus we think u r the sexiest guy on the planet we love u soo much n ur eyes are amazing n ur smile is gorgeous 🙂 we love you bye bye

  39. nini says:

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!emo fucking love at first sight I would cry myself to sleep cause your not my boyfriend so damn sexy

  40. Alexandra says:

    Omg… Alex your a hottie you look tooo good.. Your the hottist Guy ive seen! 😉

  41. Twinkle says:

    hmm..lookin nice

  42. Sexy freak says:

    I wish i didn’t have to say this but, Alex u’re sooooo…. Hot. I like ur bang,how did u do that?

  43. Talia says:

    Your really cute 🙂
    I really love your snake bits 🙂
    I hope we can talk cause you seem like your awesome to talk to 🙂

  44. Talia says:

    Oh even I sooo love your new hair cut 🙂

  45. switch blade says:

    he looks like one of those realy fuking sexy vampire dudes SOOOOO HOT

  46. cutegirl2000 says:


  47. Demon Angel says:

    I love your eyes.I did emo guys but want to get to know the person lol.Just cuz this one picture is hot doesnt mean your personality is great all you girls that are in love with him just realize you are in love over the looks of a picture which is really shallow

  48. Demon Angel says:

    dig****** lol not did im female lol 15 btw

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