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Scene Queens

Far away in a distant galaxy a scene emerged that is somewhat an offshoot of cyber goths, mixed with emo, add some rockabilly style and a heap load of trash and you have the Scene Queens!

These people take being Internet famous to the next level with all kinds of photoshoots and clothing lines and party pics, I can hardly keep up with what is going on, surely enough they each have their own myspace, buzznet or what have you and kindly keep us informed as to their whereabouts and doings.

The great most inspiring thing about these Scene Queens is that they prove that anyone can model and all you need is the right hair, right childhood paraphernalia about your person, loads of make-up and a pouty pose to start on your way to Interwebs fame. Oh and by now I am sure you have mastered the art of holding a camera above your head to get the best angle for your face, self portrait skills along with Photoshop skills are very desirable.

Anyway here are some pics of the likes of Hannah Beth, Zui Suicide, Audrey Kitching, Kiki Kannibal, Izzy Hilton, Jeffree Star and more obscure peeps. I am aware that some people are really scene, some are wanabees or whatever, I am not concerned with that, I just like their hair!

Who is Your Favourite Scene Queen?

Comments and thoughts on these people and their style are very welcomed in the comments section.

Scene Queen Picture Gallery: