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6 responses to “brittany-kramer”

  1. Krissipooh(: says:

    you look constipated >D

  2. Mal says:

    How do you get your hair like that? That’s what i have been trying to do to my hair but it doesnt work.

  3. Nesa says:

    i Have Hair Like Her! Except The Back Is Waaay More Short 😛
    i Lost Trust In Barbers, So i Cut My Own Hair
    Basically To Get It, You Need Skilled Hands In Holding Scissors And A Good Hair Straightner
    Choppy And Razor Layors/Bangs

  4. shanya says:

    i love ya baby

  5. Coll picture 😀 🙂 WoW Verry Good 🙂

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