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44 responses to “brookelle-bones-ponytail”

  1. Deah Lizon says:

    This is not Brokelle Bones. This girls skin is too dark looking. This girls nose is even different than Brokelle’s.

  2. :) says:

    Uhh, yes it is, actually. If you hadn’t known yet, Brookelle is VERY DARK-SKINNED & the nose is the same. Just a different angle. 🙂

  3. TAYLOR=] says:

    hi… i was wonderin wat hair style do u have or is it called Brookelle Bones because i really want to hav that hairstyle…

    thanks bye xo

  4. katrina says:

    his isnt brokelle bones. First of all why is she wearing sunglasses if she really is her. Her lips and nose are diffrent even the bangs arent the same compare it to a pictuer of brokelle and you will se the diffrence. And she might say that wearing sunglasses is cool but not inside.Her face is more round. The one in the pic above is not round.The thing is that this is NOT Brokelle Bones.

  5. Heeeeeelz'x says:

    i loveee your hairstyleee ( :

  6. Youraloser. says:

    no..this isn’t because this girl isn’t as pretty. the nose is different, the eyebrows and chin are different, and this girl has to much of an olive complection. that haircut looks ok on her though. just not brookelle

  7. renelda says:

    what is this hairstyle called? i really really love it…i would like to see how it looks down:0) how can i explain this hair cut at the hair salon when i get my haircut??????????please help me!!!!!!!1thanks!

  8. Jordan says:

    This is not Brookelle Bones

    This girls name is Jaydahh.
    My Bros Ex.

  9. Jordan says:

    I was kidding btw

    This gurl is not brookelle
    But she is really pretty

  10. MaDdY says:

    Thats DEFINETLY Brookelle Bones!!! if you google her those pictures come up 🙂

  11. sarah says:

    that is NOT brokelle. but i do like this girls hair.

  12. squiggyroxx says:

    That isn’t brokelle bones get over it its barbie beatdown.!

  13. tiaa says:

    this isnt brookelle bones
    its Briana Morales
    pretty though

  14. elmo says:

    i dont think thisis brookelle but i like it tho

  15. Brooke says:

    thats not brookelle!

  16. lizzy says:

    this is brookelle lil girls, dont be jealous cause she’s pretty and her hair is adorable.!
    your gorgeous i love your hair sweeite.!♥

  17. DiDi says:

    This is Brokelle, I think…She looks different then the other pix I’ve seens her in. Someone totally forgot to add Brittany Thrillkill on this site.

  18. Cae says:

    this is not brokelle nor is it barbie beatdown.
    also this “Briana Morales” girl… there’s hardly anything on her on youtube, google images, or tiny pic.
    probably a fake.


  19. sana says:

    what is this hair cut called?

  20. krizZ says:

    pz ella
    es mi ñaña


    k linda
    sales qorazon miOh
    moe pronTOh
    nos encontraremos


    tqm. ñañiTah beiah

  21. cookiekitty; says:

    i likey the hair.
    hmm where can i get that hoodie..?

  22. Lina says:

    first of all i love the hair. second this is Briana Morales and not Brookelle bones. some of you said that that briana moales is a fake. she isnt.. HERE ARE HER PICTURES-

  23. adalia says:

    This is Briana Morales

  24. niq says:

    i luv ur hair can u b my fake biq sis!!?

  25. lesa says:

    omg i think brookelle is so pretty i love her hair it looks soo nice on her

  26. (: says:

    that is not brookelle but this person is so pretty and this is not jasmine either. i knew my fwend lies bout who she is

  27. xXanii says:

    This IS Brookella bones the camera is at a differant angle and thats what makes her face look differant and the glasses make her bangs look differant because they are leaning on the glasses

    Brookella is so pretty <3 ^^ i love her hair so much!

  28. Gen says:

    Sorry guys but this is Brianna morales she is currently my bros girlfriend sooo I would definitely know lol and en case you were wondering those are extensions and she hates them beacuse they look fake but she has new ones now

  29. You're all pathetic if you think this is Brookelle says:

    BRIANNA MORALES. I have her myspace!!!

  30. Amy says:

    your all stupid! this is not brookelle, its BRIANNA MORALES so get over it…
    it doesnt look nothing like brookelle !

  31. sthu says:

    All of you shut the Hell up and comment the damn picture.(: k. I’m tired of seeing this picture. But I like the ponytail.

  32. purplegirl says:

    she have really beautiful hair and i want it too! brookelle, you are beautiful!!!!!!!! 😉

  33. Chasity says:

    It is called a razor cut everyone, & to be more specific with your stylist tell them you want the * thick on top, thin at the bottom* look. trust me, they know what ur talking about.

  34. gabby:D says:

    omg does it really matter if this is “brookelle bones” or not !! >.<
    gosh why cant you just say nice things bout the hair or something !!???
    you guys sound like flippin stalkers with all this talk about her nose and skin color !! like really !!???

  35. gabby:D says:

    & i like this girls hair
    i think it looks really good !!

  36. Sue says:

    She is Brookelle Bones here look-type up Brookelle bones ponytail and it’ll show it!!-

  37. Veroo says:

    This is NOT Brookelle Bones. This is a girl named Briana Morales.


  38. My New Hair says:

    Idiots is a bit harsh, I mean really, who cares!

  39. alyssa adorable?! says:

    I’m sure it’s Briana kay guys? Brookie does not have those eyebrows and that face kay? People think its Brookelle so they put this pic under her name in google! But yeah it really dosent make a differ. . . just ask brookie on her youtube account : brookellee. Or ask briana on her myspace or sumthan. .. srsy? Does it really make a differ?

  40. Danielle says:

    her hair is amazing have mine like that but blood red. it not briana ok

  41. katrina says:

    its Briana Morales i looked her up so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER IT WHO GIVES A SHIT WHO IT IS shes just a pretty girl you all wanna b 🙂

  42. Mee says:

    You’re all idiots!!!!! This is Briana Morales
    !!!! Google her. You’ll see this pic.

  43. AyooAliciaa says:

    You are all pathetic!! This is Brookelle Bones!! Just cuz it comes up as BRIANA MORALES BLAH BLAH BLAH doesnt mean its her!! Brookelle has this picture on her website!!!

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