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10 responses to “miryam-sater-flower”

  1. suicide blonde says:

    omg ur so pretty n ur hhair is so… madddddd. love the eyes ^.^

  2. Krissipooh(: says:


    sorry love.

    notattractive 🙁

  3. Lioe says:

    I love it !
    really x3

    and now…
    im pretty envious 😛

  4. zibah says:

    she’s kinda not attractive
    but she’s got this strange prettiness that blows that away

  5. she barely looks alive! she looks like the corpse bride…but beautiful ^^ her pictures are artistic…in a morbidy dead way, but their amazing! how does she get that grayish dead look anyways? love it<3

  6. Sash says:

    I think these photos are pretty heavily doctored. especially the last one – it looks like her face has been resized!

  7. Sash says:

    In fact, the hair has been desaturated, and the orange blotchiness on the lips shows that the ‘yellow’ has been removed in photoshop. I know cause I do that all the time.


    Beautiful pictures though!

  8. shanya says:


  9. SammiSabotage says:

    I lufff the pic it shows you’re features well I also am in luff with you’re zebra striped bikinni!!

  10. Eerie says:


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