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6 responses to “anita-k”

  1. sara says:

    omg this girl is gorgeous im jealous..
    althou im not fond of the whole emo look cuz all the hairstyles are the same but its a really cute pic

  2. Kayla Curbstomp says:

    Im Emo, and that is a gorgeous girl, im jealous too, and our hair isnt completly the same sara

  3. shanya says:

    you are sexxxyyyyyy babyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Myst says:

    Yeah, Kayla, but an overwhelming majority of emo and scene hairstyles have the same shape and fried look. Half of them look like they’ve been electrocuted and had glowsticks broken over their heads.

    I have seen some nicer ones, though – such as the rather intriguing, and very tasteful, one above. If my hair weren’t dyed black and if it were longer, i’d probably have it done myself.

  5. tt says:

    you are one sexy bicth that is all i got to say i wish i was that hot.

  6. Autumn says:

    She kinda looks like Sammi-Doll if you take a picture of Anita-K and Sammi-Doll, they look a lot the same..

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