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18 responses to “cansin-chaos”

  1. applebee says:

    No offense…but her face is HID – EE – OUS.

  2. Cansin Chaos says:

    Hah Funny that the person who commented, really doesn’t like my fac, not at all ^^, LOL

  3. EmilyTheStrange says:

    You look pretty as usual babe (:

    love youu xx

  4. EmilyTheStrange says:

    when are you coming up from london again?
    liz cant wait to see you ^.^

  5. victoria:) says:

    she scares me

  6. Cansin chaos says:

    I’m sry I don’t know you or “Liz” and I’ve never been 2 London lol.
    I live in Sweden. Srsly. This thing with Liz n em and some other person
    is really startong 2 puss me off. ><

    whatever, contact me by Myspace. 441369856 -.-

  7. Ansgar den 2:re says:

    Jååååååååå jöt. du borde åka till london dock. det är en trevlig stad.

  8. Dezzi says:

    So pretty, one of the prettiest scene girls I’ve ever seen. Her face is so cute(:

  9. Cansin says:

    Thank you that’s so cute <: you guys should check out my newest pic's on my myspace.I mean, this pic was taken like a year ago!

  10. shanya says:

    dude you are so hot can me and teah bang your hottttt asssss

  11. shanya says:

    are u a model or wat

  12. Cansin says:

    Hahah Thanks I guess lol ^^ <

  13. shanya says:

    your so pretty i can’t get over that fooshoo. rawrr.

  14. shanya says:

    rawrr means i love u in dinosaur

  15. shanya says:

    cansin whats up you haven’t commeted in a while and well ya you should

  16. Cansin Rose says:

    I’m sorry, jeez I’ve been so busy -.- check out my newest pics on my facebook <: I've got new hair, big red hair and atm I have black with blue curls <:

    I would love it if you commented them as you comment here. Totally love it if you did that <:

    got a video at my blog to, it's in swedish,. but heres the link

    CYA there dudes <: and dudettes <:

    /Cansin "Chaos" Rose Aldenhed

  17. maia x says:

    cant get ova how stunning you are babes xx

  18. Kiya ;c says:

    omg ;x your so cute.:] your a scene girl right? Honestly that’s big hair 😀 i still like it your really gorgeous :] i would wanna steal your hair but i geuss i’ll have to get my own! c:

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