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7 responses to “black-pink-scene-hair”

  1. shanya says:

    your hot lovin da shirt hunn…

  2. love it so preety says:

    love it u look fab. we need more black scene girls its not just for white pplz

  3. Maiasia says:

    AWESOME! I’m black myself and I always find it weird how there are only white scene chicks. You look great and I absolutely love your hair 🙂

  4. Like, Yeah. says:

    It’s pretty but you can tell the pink is completely fake, but oh well, it’s still pretty.

  5. Bella says:

    I love the hair mi 2 favorite colors. I had a friend who said that black girls could never rock scene but you just proved him WRONG thank you

  6. Asia says:

    you are an absolute inspiration to me!! you should give me some tips on how to rock this style girly(: that would be greatly appreciated
    *GoBlackGirls 🙂

  7. Cola says:

    How did she do her hair like that? like I know she made braids, but I love it. She inspires me.<3

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