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35 responses to “katie-babyface-06”

  1. Krissipooh(: says:

    i wander how ugly you’d be without makeup?

  2. aleshia says:

    Hey katie there is a girl on facebook who claims to be you. She copied all your pics. She now has a new short brown hair cut on her profile pic. She is from brandon mb her facebook name is carissa smith! Network winnipeg mb. The so called carissas real girl is chantel sholdice looks nothing like you katie lol! To let you know this girl is a fake dating guys without meeting them and showing your pic! She even has a baby a lies about it crazy shit

  3. kayla cromer says:

    just had one deleted from myspace site also

    claiming to be mackenzie brooks

    got her you know what deleted by security at myspace

  4. laura says:

    Q HORRIVEL *—*

  5. rach says:

    there is anuva girl , dats claimin to b beth edward.

    wid dis pic

  6. Chantelle says:

    Thiis person who claims to be you is on facebook and was dating my mayte sooo whoever it is there FAKE haha

  7. sophie says:

    heyy youu dont know me but there is a girl on facebook who is using your pic and going wiv loads of boys and giving out addresses think youu chane yourr pic lol loads of ppl are using it 🙂

  8. Clay says:

    This girl has over 1500 friends and shes using 2 of your pics x]

  9. jasmine says:

    there is a girl on myspace who claims to be u and here name is brooklynn millers

  10. kiki says:

    Ohh wow! i red all of yall commnents and u know wat ya the girl in the pic is beautiful! And well some girls want to look like her so there going to..Use her pics and say its them..And u know wat i think this baby face katie girl w/e i dont think she minds if she does mind why dont u stop posting ur pics..and to all these girls who say these other girls r fakes Look at ur selfs u all r probily stuck up fakes..So stop talking about other..People..Bc i really dont think she minds these girls taking her pics..So all of u girls shutup and get alife

  11. helen says:

    katie i’m your biggest fan .i’ve got lots of photos of u in everyway i want to be like u .if u can answer .kissessss!!1

  12. Lillian says:

    hey Katie that’s my favorite name umm just wanna tell u if u have msn just tell me ok thax

  13. danika says:

    heyy katie i was jw how did u get ur hair cutt like that?? i luvv it plz reply (;

  14. jessica says:

    i think ur really pretty

  15. alex says:

    heyy ur really pretty and u look jus like my cousin amata!

  16. aubrea says:

    Hey Katie, i loooooooooove your hair i was wondering how to describe it to the person cutting you hair to get it similar to your can you pretty please respond pleasee!! Thanks bunches 🙂

  17. Connor says:

    Wow Katie look at all the people that use your photos. Must be hard to be as hot as you are. Lovely photo and hair by the way. What do you look like now days?

  18. Sekoya Francis says:

    I love your hair hun haha that’s the styler im getting 🙂

  19. jemma says:

    im begging my mum to give me blonder hair with black underneath, i want a sidefrienge cut but it would give me alot of pimples :S
    umm, yeah so i just wanna say that your hair looks really pretty, id love for mine to be that colour, your gorgeous.

  20. SammiSabotage says:

    You hella Pwetttieee!

  21. SammiSabotage says:

    Her hairrr I thinkk has exstentions! My haiir is kinda lyke her’s but I have exstentions thats why it looks like that. its origanaly a a-line with exstentons to make it come down in points like that. then her haiiir is freezy like that it’s called a tease. you do that with a rat-tail. look up how to tease you’re haiir on you-tube you will figure out how to do it from there! Hope I was help full!!! 🙂

  22. nathalia says:

    Katie tem msn..
    adoro seu estilo axo vc mto linda..
    tem muitas pessoas passando por vc entao fika dificil saber quem é a verdadeira =/…

  23. Rashimine says:

    ela é muitoo gaata

  24. Xx_*lexia*_xX says:

    katie u r so beautiful and i just love ur hair i went to get it cut like urs but they messed it up ah well anyways im a fan of u katie fuk all da fakes and let them have a fake life. Remember kat u da best person i hav seen on da internet u even made selena gomez look the second cute one and ur teh first! Lol ttyl!!

  25. adrianna says:

    lol ur so right lexia! xD BTW I LOVE UR SCENE HAIR ITS AMAZING KATIE ^^

  26. magali says:

    hi katie you are beautiful hopefully some day you may know the truth I seriously wish I Bellisima if you’re reading this please add me because I love you katie

  27. Petrsss says:

    heellooo 😀 qurva cép vagy ketie <3 pixx

  28. Petrsss says:

    nekem az egész képcsid cép:D 🙂 pixx és én is emogirl vok neklem is ilyen a hajam 😀 de te 10000000000000 szebb vagy nálam xDpixx

  29. Esmy says:

    Liar. Your a fake. It’s Katie babyFAYCE. not face. Stop posing. Stop trying to fool all these people!

  30. My New Hair says:

    Fool people with what? about what? it’s just a hairstyle picture!

  31. Katie says:

    I hope you all know that Katie got in a car accident and is dead o.o I knew her </3

  32. Lexi says:

    uhhm ya another fake person on fb? Stella lemko

  33. Scarlett says:

    Come on y’all. Seriously. This chick is nothing special. Y’all lezbos. Nasty shit man. My hair is exacty like that. I’m glad I came upon this link on Facebook ha y’all have no life obviously. Wow y’all.

  34. Someone says:

    There’s another one claiming to be you

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