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Hair Trend 2011 Bangs

Bangs are still in for 2011! This trend is still going stronger than ever!

Bangs frame the face, draw attention to the eyes and create a high impact – WOW – look!

The perfect thing about bangs is that you can change your entire look in a drastic way without actually taking drastic measures. Change things around and cut some bangs today!

Bangs not only look fab, but for some reason this awesome hairstyle seems to take years off your face! So knock 5 to 10 years off yourself with some cute bangs!

ok ok, enough of that… let’s get to the gallery. All your favorite top fashion horses providing you with fabulous bangs hair inspiration.

Bangs for 2011 Hairstyle Picture Gallery

Fringe Benefits – Banging Your Way to The Top

You can use bangs (fringe) to help frame your face, accentuate your eyes and draw attention to your best features. There are many different types of bangs out there to suit all face shapes and hairstyles. Bangs are a great way to update your hairstyle with minimal risk. If you have long hair and are thinking of going short but too scared to take the plunge why not try a heavy blunt fringe first that way you can change your look drastically while still keeping the hair length.

Wispy Bangs:

This is the most minimal less dramatic style of bangs. You cut a small portion of hair to lightly drape over your forehead. It is easy to grow out if you do not like it. This hairstyle suits most face shapes.

Very Short Bangs:

This type of bang suits those with fine hair and should probably be avoided by those with thick unruly hair as it will be hard to tame. It is great for disguising large foreheads.

Blunt and Heavy:

This is the best style to bring out your eyes as it really draws attention to them. If you have a long face wear it round and soft and if you have a rounder face shape go for a sharper blunter cut.

Side Swept Fringe:

This fringe falls over one side of your face over one eye creating a mysterious effect. Looks great on oval, heart shaped, or square faces and it is great at minimising prominent features. Recommended to those with thick to medium textured hair.

Layered Feathered Bang

Bangs that have been razored or cut into, usually worn quite short. This style looks amazing with shorter hairstyles and on those with fine features.

Have a look a this extensive hairstyle picture gallery for examples of different types of bangs (fringes)

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