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Very heavy side swept bangs.

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17 responses to “02-layered-side-fringe-bangs-hairstyle”

  1. Natasha Cross says:

    whats the models name she is really pretty and she looks like my friend

  2. tinkerbell says:

    yip she is stunning i am so gelous!


  3. sarah says:

    she is amazingly beautiful! she makes me wanna have hair like hers!!!!!!!!!!

  4. billy-jean says:

    this model looks like me scary the difference is that my eyes are green

  5. Lily says:

    I love this style it’s gorgeous so is the model I asked my parents and my dad yelled at me and called me stupid for thinking about getting a haircut like this!

  6. meeeeee says:

    why did your dad yell at you? that’s weird /: i don’t see how this is an inapropriate hair cut at all.

  7. clancy says:

    ive had my hair like this for agesss lol like 2 yearsss (:

  8. alejandra says:

    omg i love you hair i wished i had it love the bangs!!!!!!!

  9. Tama says:

    I feel for you that you have your Father as such a power hanging over you. Do as you wish for all you have is NOW! Enjoy Now and your new hair cut 🙂
    Tama 🙂

  10. BayLee says:


  11. lilly says:

    he yelled at me because he has a farting disease !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jasmine says:

    hey this haircut is GORGEOUS!
    When i go to turkey i’m going to have my hait cut like this.
    the reason i’m having it done in tukey because its CHEAP and they do it really really well!

  13. yourMOM says:

    OMFG! This is a gorgeeouuus! i want to cut my hair like this but im afraid that if i do, I’ll mess up my hair comepletely! D: What should i do ?

  14. yourMOM says:

    whoopsies, on my comment above ^ i meant to say, ‘This is a gorgeeouuus cuut!** My baad :$

  15. darina says:

    OMG,I absolutly love this look i gotta have it, anyone know how to make you hair like hers not the cut but the style like its kinda curly !

  16. #1eminemfan says:

    omg this is the best haircut eva!!! im ganna get my haircut just like her 4 skool!

  17. polly says:

    i luv that hairstyle and those bangs it looks really gud on her…..hopefully i get those bangs

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