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Drew Barrymore Hair

Drew Barrymore first became known on the silver screen for E.T. The Extraterrestrial as a very cute little girl. Later after drugs and rehab she resurfaced with the famous or perhaps infamous Poison Ivy. Drew Barrymore has come a long way since those days, starring in countless films and starting her own production company, Flower Films.

Drew Barrymore’s hair has differed wildly throughout the years. going from long to short, curly to straight and all different colors from platinum blonde to dark chocolate brown.

Drew Barrymore Pics:

Drew Barrymore is hot and she has always had great hairstyles through out the many years spanning her film career.

Beautiful Curly Hair Styles – Image Gallery

Curly Hair is gorgeous whether its big loose curls, tight ringlets or anything in between. Click on the images bellow for a full view of the curly hair pics and for curly hair tips. If you have any curly hair tips or stories of your own to add do so in the comments section below. Your personal experience with curly hair is very much appreciated.

Tips For Curly Hair

  1. To create relaxed looking curls, when your hair is wet twist large sections of hair around your finger and place into about 5 curls over the head. Once the hair is dry, shake the hair out for softer looking curls, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls.
  2. When you have curly hair make sure you do not brush it very much as brushing can make your hair go frizzy. A better alternative is to comb your hair in the shower with conditioner through it. Always use a wide tooth comb.
  3. A good technique for drying your hair is Turban drying. This method removes the moisture from the hair without disturbing the curls. Once the hair is damp place and emollient conditioner  through your hair and scrunch up the curl.
  4. Curly hair has a completely different genetic structure to straighter hair. Natural oils can travel much more easily down the shaft of straight hair than it can curly hair, this means that curly hair tends to be drier. It is a good idea to shampoo your hair much less and always use good quality conditioning treatments especially at the ends of the hair.
  5. Curly hair looks amazing when it is very long as the weight of the long hair pulls it down and makes the hair appear to have less volume at the top.
  6. It is a good idea to go to a hair stylist that has curly hair themselves that way you can be sure that they are more invested and experienced in cutting curly hair and you can be sure to be closer to avoiding a haircut disaster.
  7. Cutting layers into your hair will help you avoid that blocky triangular shape.
  8. If you are into straightening your hair with hot plates make sure you always apply a heat protector first, straighten your hair no more than once a week for minimum damage and always use a good quality ionic hair straightener.
  9. Placing a couple of drops of chamomile oil into your hair conditioner would help to calm the frizziness in your hair.
  10. If you are in a hurry and must use a hair dryer for drying your hair instead of letting it dry naturally, make absolutely sure that you do not under any circumstance use the highest heat setting. Always apply a heat protector to your hair and place a diffuser on the hair dryer to avoid frizz.

Curly Hair Styles Picture Gallery:

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

The 2010 Prom Hairstyle consists of a very essential element of the prom regalia. Next to an attractive, gorgeous dress and many posh jewels it is your hairdo which alleges the very most regarding you.

Which means you require a prom hairdo for 2010 which makes a statement.

Now that you are finally graduating it is time for your prom! Your prom hairstyle ranks right up there along with your prom gown in magnitude and importance. The next few paragraphs can assist you in choosing how to style your hair for prom. You will find several factors to make certain that your prom hairstyle will be flattering and that it goes with your features as well as your whole prom outfit.

Think about these basics when selecting your prom hairstyle:

Gown Design and Neckline:

Proportion is essential here. If you are sporting a slim gown, select a hairstyle in maintaining with that dress shape. In case your gown is wide at the base, make certain you have some volume to your hair to balance the proportions.

The neckline of your gown is crucial take into account if selecting your prom hairstyle. In case your gown boasts an open neckline in the front and back,wearing most of your hair down will look amazing. Yet, if the back is covered or the front and back are both closed in, wearing your hair in an updo will look best.

Updo or Hair Down:

Simply because it’s a prom hairstyle does not mean you must have your hair in a fancy updo. Hairstyles left down and styled in voluminous waves is just as glamorous as an updo hairstyle. Particularly with certain choice accessories; like a tiara made of rhinestones or a gorgeous flower behing your ear.

Hair Texture:

Curly hair is a prom hairstyle tradition and can be done in numerous different ways. However, they are not necessarily the sole method to add texture your look. Pin straight hair could appear amazing in an updo, as long as there is some height to it and plenty of shine. Miniature braids woven all the way through the hair bring an original ingredient. Finger waves can create a vintage and glamorous vibe and is great for shorter hair.

Face Shape:

Like your everyday hairstyle, your prom look ought to cater to your face shape. A wide face needs a certain amount of hair remaining around the sides to produce length. It is all about proportion. In case you have a long face, select a hair style with more volume on the sides instead of on the top of your head and use sweeping bangs. If you have a short face, try out a swept back style using a lot of height on top.


You can have a few small flowers or pearls in your hair, a fancy clip that matches your prom dress is great too. Whatever you do, don’t over do the accessories or this can look garish, apply them sparingly, keep it simple for maximum impact.


Your gown will offer a particular vibe and feel to it. Vintage, funky, traditional, etc. Be sure your prom hairstyle maintains the style of your gown to avoid creating an awkward overall look.

Last thing is to enjoy your special night and pamper your self, whatever you choose you will surely be beautiful and unique!

For more hairstyles for your prom check out these galleries:

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