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With really curly hair only use wide toothed combs for combing out wet curly hair to keep curl definition and control frizz.
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6 responses to “naturally-blonde-curly-hair”

  1. maria says:

    This is basically how my hair looks. I think that if you have hair this curly it looks at its best when you have it really long so that the weight of the long hair makes it less boof up the top. I know this from years of experience in dealing with my hair. When my hair is really long like it is at the moment people keep telling me how beautiful it is! I also get just a few lighter colored highlights and it makes the curls shimmer.

  2. Ashley says:

    Your hair type is like mine. I’m biracial, and my curls are sometimes very dry. Any suggestions?

  3. Lauren says:

    I am mixed as well. What are you mixed with? Biracial can be any mix, and I don’t want to assume. I’m Native American, Black, White and Filipino.
    I have hair just like this ( I want this cut now!), and I use a lot of natural oils to keep it soft and moisturized. Grapeseed, Olive, and Coconut are the best. Jojoba as well. You can add them to your shampoo, and conditioner, seal ends with it, massage scalp pre-shampoo and/or mix up various concoctions with tea and/or essential oils 🙂

  4. Julli says:

    Hi interesting chat, because I live the same reality. Well at least about the hair, but mine is red hair.I’m totally mixed it’s funny. I’m brasilian and I’m very white, green eyes, freckles, but i got very curly hair and big lips. I believe I’m a genetic explosion lol cuz it’s a mix of African, Italian, Spanish and brasilian native, and God knows what more.. lol I’m the only white white person in my family that don’t get tan.. anyway I understand very well about the hair and how is dry. All kind of animal oil helps, but i’m still trying to find something that really works in my hair. lol

  5. emra says:

    I have the same hair only it is worse and black. I agree with maria if you let your hair grow your hair looks beautiful. I cannot comb my hair unless I take a shower or I become a frizz-ball does anyone have any suggestions. I cannot take a shower 10 times a day to comb my hair. Wetting it is out of the question it has to be soaked. Heeelp

  6. Fred says:

    I just had to comment, I absolutely love hair like this and I hope to someday meet a woman that looks exactly like you do, its amazing to see my dream girl online such as yourself, but meeting her in person is a whole challenge in itself. Never change your hair, its beautiful, you are beautiful.

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