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Allow curly hair to dry naturally as much as possible. Curly hair tends to be more fragile than other types of hair so the less heated appliances used on it the better.
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4 responses to “long-brown-curly-hair-styles”

  1. krishna says:

    wow!!!..her hair is sooo thick…my curls are also d its not soo thick…its very thin..any suggestions to how to grow my hair soo thick?

  2. Bevblah says:

    My hair is just like hers really thick,thicker then hers kinda ..hard to manage i have long curly thick hair

  3. MayaLaChica says:

    Mine is too like hers. But I believe mine is harder to manage. To make your hair thicker I used this weird french perfume on it when I was younger because my grandma forced me too. Claiming it would make it thicker. Now sometimes I wish I hadn’t used so much.

  4. Jess says:

    This is why I cut mine to my shoulders and put layers all in it! It was hard to manage, especially when ya have hard iron water to have to wash it in.

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