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Blue Hair Gallery and Tips

Bring out the ice queen in you and go for blue hair!  You can go for bright royal blue, greeny blue, turquoise or pale blue. The possibilities are endless. Blue hair is a bit tougher to achieve a vibrant result than pink hair but it can still be done.

How to Dye Your Hair Blue

For most vibrant results you need to bleach your hair. The lighter the hair the brighter and lighter the blue. If you put the blue dye on natural hair then results will very but it won’t be as bright and tends to turn green quite quickly. If you have naturally blonde hair the blue can look great but it will fade very fast. Bleached hair is much more porous so it picks up color better than natural virgin hair.

Here is a Hair bleaching guide to help you get that part right.

Once you have the desired hair base color you want you just apply your chosen vibrant pack of rad blue hair color and follow the instructions to get your gorgeous pixie, mermaid, etheral ice queen blue hair!

Blue Hair Dye Brands:

You can use Special Effects or Manic Hair Dye.

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Want To See More Blue Hair Pictures?

If you are looking for the ultimate hair colour resource, then you’ll love this: go here to see hundreds more blue hair color pictures! This site is great because people send in their hair dye pictures and tell you how they did it. It’s a great site for learning how to get great coloured hair!

Blue Hair Color Picture Gallery:


Fabulously Pink Hair

Pink Hairstyle Gallery and How To Get Pink Hair

Pink hair is fun and wild, you can use it to showcase your personality, it is outrageous, cute and loud. Pink hair creates an impact when you walk into a room. Pink hair makes a statement about you!

There is so much you can do with this color, you can go for block color making your hair completely bright, neon pink, you can be more subtle choosing a more pastel lighter pink color, you can have streaks in pink among another hair color or just dye the tips, the possibilities are endless. This is a great color to be creative with as the results are quite easy to obtain and it is very easy to apply pink hair color in your own home.

How To Dye Your Hair Pink


Bleaching your hair is a necessary process to achieve a vibrant pink result. When you use bleach your hair becomes more porous (and unfortunately it receives damage) and it soaks up the color better. If you try putting in pink hair dyes on black hair you will be largely unsuccessful. You can apply it on natural brown or blonde hair but the results will be duller and fade away quicker.

The good news is that you don’t have to bleach your hair to a platinum blonde (although the blonder/lighter the hair, the  more vibrant the pink will turn out). You can usually bring the hair down to an orange and just dye over that.

Here is a guide on how to bleach your hair.

Different Pink Hair Dye Brands

Choosing the right pink hair color and brand is largely a personal choice, Pink hair color varies from person to person depending on many factors such as base hair color, how long you leave the dye in the hair, the condition the hair is in before dying etc.

These are the main brands of pink hair dye:

  • Special Effects Hair Dye – Atomic Pink
  • Special Effects Hair Dye – Cupcake Pink
  • Special Effects Hair Dye – Virgin Rose (slightly more purple)
  • Manic Panic Hair Dye – Cotton Candy Pink
  • Manic Panic Hair Dye – Hot Hot Pink
  • Manic Panic Hair Dye – New Rose
  • Manic Panic Hair Dye – Pretty Flamingo
  • Fudge Paintbox Color – Raspberry Beret
  • Fudge Paintbox Color – Pink Moon
  • Fudge Paintbox Color – Pretty Flamingo

See more pink hair color pictures!

Is Agyness Deyn the 5th Beatle?

Agyness Deyn – the new “it” girl has carved herself out a nice little niche and all it took was some old op shop clothes thrown together with no thought, a hairstyle reminiscent of that worn by The Beatles, a coolness only rivaled by Sid Vicious, some amazing genes and did I mention very very cool hair.

Agyness Deyn's cool short hair

Agyness Deyn

Aggy Deyn exudes style out of every orifice and she doesn’t even have to try! She is definitely a trend setter with a fun and quirky style that makes everyone smile (or at least most people).

Short Bleached Hair

Short Bleached Hair

So if you are looking for a short trendy hairstyle , a punk short hairstyle or a really cute short hairstyle that will make a splash everywhere you go, why not try her super bleached, super short look.

Agyness Deyn looks great with punk style dark hair

Agyness Deyn looks great with punk style dark hair

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