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Agyness Deyn – the new “it” girl has carved herself out a nice little niche and all it took was some old op shop clothes thrown together with no thought, a hairstyle reminiscent of that worn by The Beatles, a coolness only rivaled by Sid Vicious, some amazing genes and did I mention very very cool hair.

Agyness Deyn's cool short hair

Agyness Deyn

Aggy Deyn exudes style out of every orifice and she doesn’t even have to try! She is definitely a trend setter with a fun and quirky style that makes everyone smile (or at least most people).

Short Bleached Hair

Short Bleached Hair

So if you are looking for a short trendy hairstyle , a punk short hairstyle or a really cute short hairstyle that will make a splash everywhere you go, why not try her super bleached, super short look.

Agyness Deyn looks great with punk style dark hair

Agyness Deyn looks great with punk style dark hair

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