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6 responses to “Charlotte Destiny Pink and Black Hair”

  1. briannin says:

    heyy do u have a msn if u do add me its and plzz add me now

  2. briannin says:

    ur really pretty and i think u would be good if u went on the next top modle

  3. Joshua says:

    OMG! you are so pretty in this picture. I LOVE IT!

  4. chelseecrushh says:

    i lavvv your hair babe, its dandy 😉
    add me on bebo if you have it, just search (dont worry im not coming onto you lmao, im straight)

  5. sami says:

    damn! your sexii x_x =)

  6. Emma_White says:

    very hot*_*
    I love it! <3


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