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Bring out the ice queen in you and go for blue hair!  You can go for bright royal blue, greeny blue, turquoise or pale blue. The possibilities are endless. Blue hair is a bit tougher to achieve a vibrant result than pink hair but it can still be done.

How to Dye Your Hair Blue

For most vibrant results you need to bleach your hair. The lighter the hair the brighter and lighter the blue. If you put the blue dye on natural hair then results will very but it won’t be as bright and tends to turn green quite quickly. If you have naturally blonde hair the blue can look great but it will fade very fast. Bleached hair is much more porous so it picks up color better than natural virgin hair.

Here is a Hair bleaching guide to help you get that part right.

Once you have the desired hair base color you want you just apply your chosen vibrant pack of rad blue hair color and follow the instructions to get your gorgeous pixie, mermaid, etheral ice queen blue hair!

Blue Hair Dye Brands:

You can use Special Effects or Manic Hair Dye.

We Want To Hear from you!

If you have dyed your hair blue please write in the comments section your experience.

What brand did you use?

Was your hair bleached?

Was was the result?

Want To See More Blue Hair Pictures?

If you are looking for the ultimate hair colour resource, then you’ll love this: go here to see hundreds more blue hair color pictures! This site is great because people send in their hair dye pictures and tell you how they did it. It’s a great site for learning how to get great coloured hair!

Blue Hair Color Picture Gallery:


6 responses to “Blue Hair Gallery and Tips”

  1. katie says:

    i used adore which stays in for a while or punky color stays in long too but leave it in for an hour so its bold

  2. Nuclear Pinkified says:

    i use Color Fiend for all my colors, stays in for quite a while and it looks really good if you bleach your hair out. i have Nuclear Pink in now and it turned out neon

  3. Manic Panic says:

    I use Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. Or Stargazer Royal Blue. Both are Vegan and natural ingredients so are conditioners as well as dyes. I always use Manic Panics 40 vol bleach kits as they give me the lightest colour for pre lightning. They give a really vibrant colour which lasts about 4 weeks if I only wash my hair once a week.

  4. Tricky Nicky says:

    I use Manic Panic for my blues. I am current;y sporting their Shocking Blue, and it couldn’t be more perfect!

    I am a natural blonde, but I bleached my whole head with a 30 vol. then I rinsed the bleach but didn’t shampoo or condition. I let my hair dry naturally and then applied the manic panic all over and left it on for about 3 hours ( it had hardened by then). I rinsed it out and conditioned (no shampoo,the bleach gets all the oil out of my hair anyways). My hair came out peacock blue and it has been a month of me washing my hair 3+ times a week (a lot for me ,actually) even washing in warm water hasn’t faded my colour, and that is something I normally give up when I have “high maintenance” colour.

    It is starting to get a bit lighter now, but even the faded tone is a nice one, so I think I can get 2 months out of one dye job,AMAZING.

  5. rainvirus says:

    I have been using Clairol Torrids platinum lightning for years and wanted to blue to the bottom of my hair. My hair was already light enough but as a former hairdresser I know it will take the color better if the cuticle layer is open, so I applied powder bleach with 20 vol peroxide for 30 mins. Then I applied N’ Rage Hair color with a color brush evenly yet generously to the bottom 5 inches of my hair, working it in with my fingers and combing it thru with a wide tooth comb. I then wrapped it in foil and left it on for approximately 2 hours maybe more. I then rinsed it out, it took forever till the water ran clear so I did apply a small amount of shampoo then conditioner.
    The color came out AMAZING! its supper intense, COLOR ME HAPPY!!!

  6. Samantha says:

    I used Splat hair dye. It worked great after i bleached my hair. It was really vibrant and amzing for a month. It started fading after that,

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