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Katherine Moennig plays Shane; the androgynous, heart breaking, playgirl lesbian on the hit TV show The L Word.

Katherine Moennig has a killer sense of style and always has a great short, layered, shaggy hairstyle. Every new season of The L Word I can’t wait to see how Shane will have her hair; sometimes it is longer, other times it is shorter, it is always cool, trendy, messy and has that laid back and cool air about it without even trying. I love it. Have a look for yourselves.

Katherine Moennig Hairstyle Picture Gallery:

9 responses to “Katherine Moennig’s Wicked Shaggy Hair”

  1. Trish says:

    I love Shane! The L Word rocked my world, come back girls! Oh Katherine Moennig is SO sexy!

  2. kate fan says:

    Kate Moennig is perfect.

  3. Kate Moenning hot says:

    Kate is sooo hot! she has the sexiest hair

  4. Chelsee "Fredbob" says:

    Omg! She is amazing:) Today I’m getting my hair cut like hers…Well, like the one way she had it:) I love her:) She is my freakin idol!:):):D

  5. Kate Moennig is UBER Hawt.. says:

    OMG I FxCKING LOVE HER HAIR!!! Omgg x] Shess soo hawt…

  6. Carmen says:

    I love Shane!!! Bye

  7. Isabel says:

    I wish there were more shanes aout there, one that wasn’t famous so that I’d have a chance to get her 😉 Shane is amazing .!

  8. kristlne says:

    i really love shane or kate moennig .. she is the pride of the lesbian

  9. shar says:

    In my point of view.. The character Shane is not soo cool as a heartbreaker but she is otherwise honest and whenever she cheats someone,she realizes her mistakes– everybody makes mistakes and she wants her freedom as sha doesn’t want to get involve in any relationship as she knows that it would end up in breaking some girl’s heart… I adore her..

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