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Shane’s iconic short shaggy haircut.

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8 responses to “katherine-moennig-l-word”

  1. veronica says:

    eres hermosa como sea k estes

  2. jessica says:

    wow, katherine is so hot, is so beatiful!!

  3. ilovekate says:

    i’m so in love with her! she is gorgeous!

  4. skeeet says:

    ahhhh. want. to. fuck.

  5. rania says:

    je l aime cet artiste surtout au film the l world parce ke aussi chui de le mm styl de shane et chui vrai gay

  6. shanya says:


  7. Khiaya says:

    She is the most beautiful, sexy female alive I love her

  8. Soneen says:

    oh my god..if katherine was mine..i’d spoil her rotten…
    she is so hot….hotte then any other girl i’ve ever seen in my life…if i ever got to meet her..just meet life would be complete…i know that sounds stupid..but i’ve never met anyone so fine..and so intelligent of an actress…i loved her in The L Word…i wish Logo would bring that show back….peace….

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