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Latest Hairstyles from the Medium Hair section

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Adding layers to your medium length hairstyle is a great way to breathe new life into your hair.

Pale ashy blonde medium length layered hairstyle

Using layered you can get rid of split ends creating healthier and shinier hair without compromising the hairs length.

Add layers to medium hair for more volume.

Layers add texture and dimension to medium length hair.

Add layers to midlength hair for extra texture.

You can add bangs which frame your eyes and go well with medium length layered hairstyles

Add some bangs to change things up.

Medium Length Hairstyles of All Varieties

Mid-length hairstyles offer a wide range of versatility and styles. You can add layers, bangs, streaks, keep it all one length; the possibilities are endless. Medium length hair is usually cut just above or below the shoulders. There are endless amounts of styles to choose from to suit all face shapes, hair textures, ethnicity’s and ages. A very common technique is to cut several layers into the hair to add body and texture and different types of hair bangs to help frame the face.

When getting a medium length hairstyle that has been cut into a certain style, frequent visits to the hair stylist are a must to maintain that look.  The great thing about medium length hair is that you can try a variety of different styles in a shorter period of time.

How to get Perfectly Straight Hair

Japanese Hair Straightening – Thermal Reconditioning

Curls, movement, waves and body… no matter how hard hair stylists try to tell us that they are in fashion, the majority of women still dream about straight hair. I am talking about the kind of straight hair that is wash and go, not one that requires hours of brushing with a hairdryer or ironing with a hair straightener. The type of hair that laughs in the face of humid weather. The big cosmetic companies know of our plight and have infinite hair products on the market that promise to make our hair sleek and smooth and straight, but rarley do the job alone without the help of heat appliances if at all.  So then we start thinking about permanent hair straightening, the perm of our times… Thermal Reconditioning a.k.a Japanese Hair Straightening, ionic retexturing, rebonding, yuko system and bioionic straightening.

How does Japanese Hair Straightening work?

Protein and heat is used to restructure the hair bonds covering the hair in an anti frizz film that leaves it smooth and silky. The treatment takes between 3 to 8 hours to achieve and will leave your hair wonderfully straight for between 3 to 8 months. The beauty of this process is that you don’t run the risk of ending up with porous or kinky strands. You should not wash your hair right after the treatment; wait for at least 2 – 5 days. The result is smooth, pin straight, silky hair without the need of dryers and you can give up your GHD to more unfortunate friends.

Things to be Aware Of When Getting Your Hair Straightened

It is very important to go to a hair stylist that comes highly recommended for this procedure as the end result is dependent on their level of skill. You should really do your research and ask around. Thermal Reconditioning will cost you between $300 to $900 with hair length being the deciding factor on price. Make sure that you get a free consultation from your stylist of choice as not all hair types are suitable. This includes some hair that has been colored, lightened hair (sorry you girls out there with platinum blonde), hair that has been straightened already with a sodium relaxer, henna treated hair, previously chemically treated hair permed curly or wavy and African hair (this hair is very fragile and cannot tolerate the heat involved in the process).

Looking After Your New Straight Hair!

Once you have had your hair straightened you have to take extra care of it by applying deep conditioning treatments 1-2 times a week to avoid dryness. Getting your regrowth done depends on how curly your hair is and how long you feel you can go without it. If your hair is quite long you can go longer as the long hair weighs down your roots.

Following are some examples of Japanese Hair Straightening: