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6 responses to “mid-length-layered-black-wavy”

  1. aShLeE says:

    i like this i think it would work for my hair but my question is how long does it take to do this style with naturally curly hair and IF it will work with naturally curly hair at all?

  2. My New Hair says:

    It would probably depend on how curly your hair is. This haircut is on somebody that has naturally wavy hair, it is very layered to create that effect and then you would need to use quite a bit of product (leave in moisturizer, wax etc)

  3. Tonie says:

    i realy like this style, but my hair is very curly, when it is wet, it is just under my sholders, but wen it dry’s it looks like it is bob, and the curl is a medium size. do you think this style wil stil work.

  4. My New Hair says:

    I think this style works best with wavy to loosely curled hair, but for your best bet take this pic to a hair stylist!

  5. Safa says:

    I have wavy hair and was wondering if this work work for me? What products would I have to use to keep it in shape?

  6. Brye says:

    who is this model? is she an actress or no? would i be able to find other hairstyles modeled by her?

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