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Layers in your hair can be used to balance out very thin or very thick hair, giving it a more textured, shapely look with more volume and movement.

Ask for long graduated layers that blend effortlessly into a sweeping fringe with flicked out ends and a nice side parting. Alternatively a nice blunt fringe (bang) and middle part can also work wonders with this hairstyle.

Layers are great for any hair length from short to very long hair; it helps break the monotony of very long hair, giving it movement. It is great for those with curly hair as it helps give bounce to the curls and a great shape. It is equally as good a look for straight hairstyles!

Enjoy the image gallery where I have included many hairstyle images of all different types of hair layers. Hopefully you will find your new hairstyle among one of those.

12 responses to “Layered Hairstyles”

  1. reece xavier says:

    Some of these are lublyyy.

  2. Jim Spence says:

    I was searching for Blogs about Wedding Hair Styles and found this site. I am interested in your content and appreciate sites like this.

  3. Jadar says:

    I really like the ” five-deep-layered” one. It looks totally awsome!

  4. […] Find more great layered hair pictures. […]

  5. Belinda says:

    Some of these layered haircuts are awesome!
    I have been growing my hair long for a few years after a very bad short layered hair style a few years ago.
    Now my hair is long and healthy but it kind of looks long and lanky so I want to get some long layers cut into my hair to give ti more body and style.

    I really love number 16 layered hair and 18 layered hair with the heavy bangs. But maybe I was thinking of making it a more choppy layered hair.

    Anyway, thank you so much for these pictures of layered hair. They have helped me a lot in making my choice 🙂

  6. Taylor says:

    Thank you sooo soo so much for this website!!! it has helped me tons. see, i have VERY VERY thick hair and i cant seem to find a hair style that i like. I really like number 20layeredhair. anyways…thank you! 🙂

  7. My New Hair says:

    glad to have helped! 🙂

  8. Krystal says:

    I was looking for some pictures of thin naturally curly hair. I am in need of a hair stlye…. HELP lol but thanks for your site anyways

  9. Wuff says:

    I have long black hair passed my shoulders it’s a bit thick and curly and I have a Oval face shape what bangs would look good on me and what kind of layers (like what’s the name?)

  10. awesomeness1030 says:

    i love the heavily-layered-bangs-hairstyle i am going 2 get my hair done like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. awesomeness1030 says:


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