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Hot blonde emo girls have a definite sense of style that totally rocks!

Some pictures of Blonde emo hairstyles make great eye candy, the most internet famous one of course being Katie Babyface…and if not the most well known definitely one of the cutest!


Usually the blonder the better

Pretty Blonde Emo

Many of the emo or scene girls who have this look bleach their hair platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde Emo Haircuts

And use lots of black eyeliner

blonde emo hairstyles

You can add some streaks of another color like turquoise

long blonde emo

or you can try black and blonde emo hair

blonde and black emo

Short blonde emo hair is cute


71 responses to “Blonde Emo Girls”

  1. Torii says:

    The first one is my friend- Her name is Aubrey. She’s one of my good friends I love her! 😀

  2. Ian says:

    I think I went to school with that girl.

  3. Zack says:

    hahaha i see no1 that are scene or emo

    in my town or whatever it is lolz

  4. Aubrey says:

    Actually Torri. Her name is Katie Babyfayce. Like Duh lmao

  5. Tiger says:

    lol the chick in the first pic she is now dating my ex….. 😐 so her pic is all over my house!

  6. nikki says:

    the first girl is my sister

  7. Brittney says:

    thats nice pictures

  8. Aerienne says:

    that’s extra !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. kay-lee says:

    love the 1st & 2nd girls hairs 😛

  10. kay-lee says:

    does any 1 know wot 2 ask 4 wen u go in the hair dressers 4 hair like them ??? 🙂

  11. Raven says:

    i like the first girls hair

  12. patty says:

    i hope this doesn’t upset anyone, i’m 57. been an emo girl all my life! just didn’t know there was a word for it. My hair is naturally pure white. i color it lavender underneath. just so ya know… you may never grow out of this “phase

  13. teigan says:

    i love the 3 one but if i wana get it cut like that what do i ask for???

  14. jflkd says:

    everyone keeps saying “the first picture is my…”. they’re ALL of the SAME person! so shut up and quit lying.

  15. **&AllEY&** says:

    thats so not the same person thou 😡

  16. X.x Annie says:

    Im getting my hair like the 2nd girl (:

  17. Shelby Olson says:

    i think all of these girls are not scene or emo because i am a scene girl and i dont agree with you. you can look me up on facebook.c om my name is shelby olson. okay:)

  18. Ni@n@ says:

    Katie BabyFayce is so pretty!!! shes the very first grl!

  19. cele says:

    hello emo girls fans

  20. Michaela says:

    Hey you want to know what to tell your hair dresser???
    You don’t have to tell your hair dresser any thing!
    You can just print out the pic you like and show it to your hair dresser and the only time you talk is if your hair dresser has a question!!!
    You will have that hair cut in no time!!!
    It’s that ez!!!

  21. babyflower says:

    the second to last one is me!

  22. levinablonde says:

    the second is me!

  23. Isis says:

    how you get your hair so blond?

  24. Taylor says:

    wow nice hair

  25. Amberlyne says:

    Okay so first of all the first picture and the second to last are both Katie Babyface. So stop saying they are your fried/sister/ or your self. Unless you are Katie Babyface it’s not you.
    To eveyone saying one of the pictures is you, I doubt that so knock it off.

    All these girls have amazing hair <3

  26. **&AllEY&** says:

    ya thats tru well im getting my hair dyed platinum do any of you have any advice on what un-natural colors look best? well please comment and ill send a pic of my final look 🙂

  27. Achli says:

    I think that these pics are very pretty, but not all scene have blonde hair like Dani gore, Audrey Kitching, Jeevee Massacre,Mallissa Massacre, Aida Kamikaze,Andrea, Aviana Monasterio, Barbie Beatdown, Brittany Kramer, Brookelle Makenzie Bones, Choassbaby (dies her hair frequently), Chris Dakota, Clementine Suicide, Corey Pattakos, Dagger, Deanna Degenerate, Emili Villanueva (also dies her hair alot), Izzi Murder, Jennifer Genuine, Lana Jade, Lexi Bee, Lindy Fu Mosh, Meg Strangler, Raquel Reed, Vana Venom, Vanek Dani, Zui Suicide

  28. Achli says:

    & they R not the same GIRL

  29. ahlam says:

    hi i love is emo the hair very good i love you

  30. Ellie:D says:

    All these girls are VERY beautifull:D

  31. sabrinage says:

    hey vina!! ur dping great there!!!

  32. Nemo a.k.a. dj says:

    im dating da 2nd to last 1 = )

  33. melissa b says:

    I might get my hair done like the first one

  34. HannahCavanagh says:

    Omg you should! I reallyy like platimun hair! I am getting my hair done soon tooo :D! I cant wait! xx

  35. Sena_miin sugar says:

    apperently not everyone knows here that there is a such thing as ‘fakes’ look up “Katie Babyfayce” on myspace and look at how many there if you claim that youre dating katie or you know katie or you really ‘are’ katie then ask them for photo proof or be ready to GIVE photo proof:)
    the first and 2nd to last pictures are Kathryn.
    shes had dark brown hair for awhile now though. shes still pretty but i miss her blonde. shes so scene-emo and shes been my inspiration for 3yrs noww:)
    shes more sophisticated-looking now though.shes kindof shaken her emo side…

  36. lexy says:

    okay like i love them almost all of them…
    they are amazin and i dnt get why pple here are catorgizing them selves as scene or emo. ur not a can of soup u dnt need a label. srry if i affended anyone but rlly i dnt like labelin…

  37. says:

    woo i love all these emo styles im kinda emo my self.. i also used to have my hair like this but it has grown out now so im gonna have it cut again soon os i can have awsome emo hair again. lol i think that all these girls are so pritty!! ROCK ON EMO GIRLS!!

  38. lindsy says:

    these hair styles are so kewl i want my hair like tht but where did u gguys get them done at?

  39. ولد شيخ الشيوخ says:

    انا ايمو
    im emo girl but im arab girl
    im from kuwait

  40. Lolaa says:

    cool <3

  41. ilona-süti says:

    the last one’s me.^^ ( very old picture.-.-)
    hello from Hungary!: ))

  42. Ciaara says:


  43. dollface says:


  44. jes delora says:

    helooo emothy fanz

  45. Fatih says:

    sexy baby girl

    dis is nice girl

    hot hot hot love love

  46. Fatih says:

    okay pls addden (K)(L)

  47. Fatih says:

    add pls


  48. lol says:

    wow so hot

  49. emoovz says:

    how do yyou ask a hairstylist to give you this look???

  50. tiffy says:

    does anyone know who the 5th girl is?

  51. shannon says:

    does anybody know the name of the 4th girl it is important ?????

  52. nicole says:

    i want 2 be emo but idk how to do it…… oXo

  53. Tasha says:

    I already know how to emo but i searching some photos

  54. Dea says:

    The first girl is so hot !

  55. madison says:

    omg i want hair like the first gurl 🙂

  56. madison says:

    omg i luv the first gurls hair

  57. emma louise says:

    i want 2 be emo but my mum wont let me im 13
    n the 4th girl is Darkota Rose !!! XD
    i dont knw the 5th sorry
    i love emos n scenes cant wait to get my hair lyk these girls !!!!! emma…x

  58. nicki says:

    i feel like i know the 4th girl….Darkota Rose.. i dk how i found this… (ive seen he like in a dream or something

  59. Isabel says:

    What’s the name of the 3rd one.

  60. killer95 says:

    hahaha i was playing ps3 with the 5th girl 😀

  61. hotttbabe 69 says:

    omg i would fuck them all its like McDonalds im lovin it. and also like subway in a sense im eating fresh and not like dq i dont like frozen yougurt if you get my drift wink wink call me if you wanna fuck me

  62. Trollface says:

    Does anybody know the name of the fifth girl?

  63. Unknown says:

    No you dont want to be emo because its bad and trust me I wanted to be emo/scene and I went around telling everyone I was and you see emo people like to cut not all but most so everyone assumed I did and now I have 0 friends because I wanted to be emo my life is ruined.

  64. Jarah says:

    The 1st And The 6th Girl Are The same Person And Her Name HAppens To be Keria… but iDunno About the Others..

  65. BabyFace Kitty says:

    Im emo…..i had blonde nd black……and purple……which 1st i was scene bt thn Bcame emo……they r almost the same thing bt different emotions nd style…..which would b a gr8 hair color?Nd if u want nd hav a ps3 i cn send u pics of me…..Luv, BabyFace Kitty

  66. Killing Kristahh says:

    i lvoe these they are soo pretty

  67. tanisha says:

    she is soooo emo and pretty

  68. tanisha says:

    the first one is pretty

  69. sara says:

    I wanna know your name

  70. Melly says:

    Girl #6 is Katie Babyfayce.

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