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A cool little vid on scene queen and emo girls with pink hair. Just a bunch of images sequenced together with some Screamo music in the background to create some atmosphere.

What do you think of the hair in this video?
How many scene queens can you name in this video?… I will give you a head start with the infamous and always obvious Audrey Kitching!

Can you name the band and song in this video? (I have no idea! educate me please)

8 responses to “Scene Queens with Pink Hair”

  1. hannnnnnnnnah :) says:

    its crank that cavalry kids
    by i set my friends on fire.

  2. Hali says:

    the song is ‘Crank That Calvary Boy’ by I Set My Friends On Fire.

  3. My New Hair says:

    thanks for recognising that song Hannah!

  4. kate says:

    what do i tell my hair dresser what to do if i want a scene kids hair cut? :S

  5. Kris says:

    Get a picture and tell her do it like that. That’s what i did with mine.

  6. o:17 charlotte destiny.
    0:18 Audrey Kitching
    0:54 Jenn Curbsotomp I think
    the song is “Crank That Calvary Boy”
    by: I Set My Friends On Fire

  7. Featherlox says:

    It’s ISMFOF

  8. Paige says:

    an idea would be bleaching hair 🙂

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