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Curly hair styles create a sense of charm and youth for those who know how to wear it well. It is important to realize that not all haircuts are great for those with curly hair and straight blunt cuts will create a bulbous mushroom effect as will hair that is cut too short. i think many of us with the curly hair have gone through this in our early teens (looking back at high school photos for me is not always a pleasurable experience, mushroom head anyone?)

Curly Hair looks best when it is from medium to long length with long laers cut in.

Curly Hair looks best when it is from medium to long length with long layers cut in.

To have your natural curly hair looking shiny, glorious and up to date it is best to wear your curly hair from medium length to long and get long layers cut into the hair. When you go to the hairstylist be weary of hairdressers that send you straight to the washing basin before observing your hair and the natural directions your curls take. The directions of your curls must be taken into consideration before being able to cut the right layers into your hair.

Naturally red hair with soft big curls look great with layers cut into the hair.

Naturally red hair with soft big curls look great with layers cut into the hair.

Long curly hair looks very beautiful and feminine.

Long curly hair looks very beautiful and feminine.

Adding layers to curly hair adds volume and shape to the hair. This look is great for an eveing out on the town.

Adding layers to curly hair adds volume and shape to the hair. This look is great for an evening out on the town.

This is a beautiful simple updo you can create with curly hair that has been layered. This hairstyle is fantastic for formal occassions such as proms and weddings.

This is a beautiful yet simple up do you can create with curly hair that has been layered. This hairstyle is fantastic for formal occasions such as proms and weddings.

Curly hair that is not cut into layers can create a mushroom effect with the hair flairing up on the sides of the face.

Curly hair that is not cut into layers can create a mushroom effect with the hair flaring up on the sides of the face.

Dark curly layered hair frames the face nicely and makes the eyes pop.

Dark curly layered hair frames the face nicely and makes the eyes pop.

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66 responses to “Hairstyles for Curly Hair – Just Add Layers”

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t like curly hair at all on girls.

  2. Me says:

    “sarah” you must be crazy. Curly hair is beautiful and makes a girl look feminine. Definitely a lot better than flat boring hair, just harder to maintain. Curls make your look fun and adorable. And can be beautiful if styled right!

  3. Mas says:

    Uh huh, curls are definitely nice. Hard to maintain, true, but its not a common thing cos most ppl would preferred straight hair 🙂

  4. lia says:

    I love my curls. Girls with straight hair are just mad because we curly girls can go both ways. My hair can hold any style. Dont hate me because my hair is beautiful!

  5. Skye says:

    I have curly hair…and some days i like it..some days i don’t =) I’m only 16 and I’m still trying to figure out how to style it. At school I get mixed reactions. Some people like it, some people don’t. When i was younger, I got teased a lot because of it but now i look back and realize that it really didn’t bother me all that much. So for the most part…I love my curly hair =)

  6. Liz says:

    i have curly hair too, and i love it! when i was younger i did not like it though, just because i had no idea how to style it, but once you firgure out tricks that work for you curly hair can be so much fun. i can make my curls go from tight ringlets to loose waves, and on days i don’t want to have curly hair i can just straighten it. I appreciate my curly hair so much now 🙂

  7. My New Hair says:

    I agree with you Liz! When you have curly hair you have so many styling options: you can wear it really curly, wavy or even pin straight thanks to the strength of todays hair straighteners.

  8. Maria says:

    I have really tight curls, but i want loose big curls for grad and I dont know how to do it :S I’ve tried rollers.. but after an hour my hair just tightens up again.. so stressful… even though I love my long curly hair 🙂

  9. beka says:

    my hair was so long it was down below my bum but just befor christmas i had it all cut up to may hair line as i thought it was a bit babyish as now i am 14. when i was goner i was so curly but now they have been all pulled out by the wait so im going to have it all layered i hope this will make it go all curly agian

  10. sammmyyy says:

    well i have curly hair n every 1 says it iz ded nice n fink i ave curled it soooooooooo u no NATURAL CURLS bet tht :L:L

  11. Roxy says:

    The girl with the “prom” style appears to be wearing a clip-on, and the girl with the “mushroom hair” either bleached her hair or brushed it out. Although all these pictures are beautiful, the advice on layers is misguided. Many hair stylists do not know how to layer curly hair, and cut it when wet. This causes them to cut off too much, since curly hair shrinks to about 2/3 of its length when it dries. Layering has never worked on my hair, and often results in the dreaded “pyramid hair” or “curly mullet” that I just dread. I would not recommend layering to any curly-girl… trimming the tips once every few months and conditioning regularily will do more for your hair than cutting it will.

    Cutting curly hair often results in disaster, and layers cause uneven poof. The last thing curly hair needs is more volume… especially if it’s in undesired places!

  12. Melanie says:

    Of course you can choose to either layer your hair or not. The information is not misguided simply because of your personal experience with your hair does not match. My hair is very curly and I keep it at a medium to long length and I like long layers cut into my hair.

  13. Leanne says:

    i have loose but significant curls. Everyone says they love my hair, but its so hard to style and it itches me when i wear it down. I wish i knew some cool ways to style my hair when its curly so its really pretty. any ideas?

  14. Marisela says:

    Hello! (:

    I too have curly hair. And its made my life so much more difficult… my hair is very dry and damaged and frizzy. To style it I ALWAYS have to use gel, hairspray and moouse. I usually just scrunch it up in a ponytail or half up. Since I have a lot of hair and it also very thick and I don’t usually don’t EVER wear it ALL down!! I really want to get a “NEW LOOK” but I don’t know how to change it up? Any help?? Also, I am going to go to an event and I need ideas of how to do my hair its a formal event so It has to be nice. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 😉

  15. cinthia says:

    I have curly hair and i want mine in alot of layers!I am the only one with curly hair in my family.To tell you the truth sometimes i hate it other times i love it!but,i can’t find the look a love(hairstyle):!!!

  16. Sariah says:

    I have always had super curly hair and I have started using this hair glue to keep curls in place and to keep frizz at bay. Not to mention I can skip out on washing my hair every other day or so. The gel I use is called Got2b glued, and it’s in a yellow tube. It lasts me forever and keeps my curls pretty and in place for a couple of days or so. Don’t use too much though or else your hair will be stiff as a board. I hope this was helpful to someone! 🙂

  17. Natalie says:

    I have curly hair and have had problems with it as well. But as most curly hair girls realize, all of the maintenance is well worth it. Some products that have worked for me:

    Garnier Fructis leave in conditoner for curls.
    Sunsilk 24/7 creme
    And if you want to loosen your curls apply a dab of EASYstraight no-flat iron serum to your hair (do not blowdry or flat iron) and it makes the curls softer and looser.
    To make your hair curlier try some type of Gel or Wax CONDITONER…NOT only gel or wax product. It should be a creamy consistency and scrunch lightly.

    I am weary of layers too. Not becuase I think they don’t work, but because I think many hair stylists are just inexperienced.

    I am mixed, and many people rave about the curling power of MixedChicks producst, however I am skeptical of the results being any more drastic than any other combination of leave in conditioning products.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  18. Jenn says:

    I have extremely small tight curls and they are horrrrrible! i hate them sooo mush, i think they are ugly. they are unbelievably hard to manage and i have to take so much time out of my daily routine just to style it. i think that curls are definitly not worth all of the time and effort.

  19. TaraLivesty says:

    Hi! I have prom tonight and I’m going to the hairdressers this afternoon to get my hair done and I was thinking of something like that prom/wedding hairstyle. I think that it would look nice and do you think that you could wear a tiara with that??


  20. Niyati says:

    hi….my hairs r too curly n i wanna a new hairstyle…..for present i have cut my hairs in a step cut but it doesn’t suits can u sujjest me some hairstyles for curly hairs….n ya i gotta rough hair and damaged u got any method to make it soft any easy n homemade method………..plz send it to me in my mail id….

  21. Shams says:

    To Marisela: I also used to put gel and hairspray when I was younger, but then found out that leave-in hair creams are much, much more effective for curly hair. First of all, they do not make your hair freeze in place and give it that shiny, fake wetlook. Creams prevent frizz while keeping your hair flowy, soft and natural looking without making it oily (if used in moderation). Some products I would recommend are Sunsilk leave in cream, Pantene oil-replacement, and there are tons more out there, and since not all hair is the same you can experiment until you find the one that suits you best 🙂
    Also, for you “new look” i say….layer layer layer! I don’t agree with the girl above at all, layers are not bad for curly hair, infact they are incredible. Layers actually give your curly hair more shape, and if it has too much volume the layers even it out in the right places so that it doesn’t look like a huge bulge of messiness. I hated my curly hair when I was younger and wished I had straight hair. But now I really appreciate my curly hair and love the fact that I can change it up all the time, and with curly hair everyday is different! (not always good different haha)..I hope this was helpful 🙂

  22. Summer / Hamilton,MT says:

    I have long, very tight corkscrew curls. I too hated my hair when I was younger. But I always wore it very short. Just as I started high school I started growing it out. It took forever cuz I had to curl the ends of the hair. I cut off the dead ends and stopped blow drying it and now it curls to the end. I will do a “barrel” curl all over my head w my fingers if I have time. If not I will twist 9-12 large chunks of hair around my finger in the shower w conditioner in it. By the time it is dry the chunks have separated leaving tons of very tight smooth curls. LOVE IT! I now have 2 boys and their hair is also very curly.
    I use AUSSIE Moist conditioner and only shampoo 2-3 times per month. I rinse the conditioner out. After I towel scrunch my hair I put more conditioner in, then a smoothing cream, then gel. I always let air dry.
    Also, use a wide tooth comb. It seems that I get less frizz this way.

  23. gigamuffin says:

    i agree with you skye, cuz sometimes my hair is awesome and bouncy, but when i wake up it’s all unruly and tangled. but my situation was different when i waz young, my hair is a lightish-brown with blonde/golden highlights, so people were always complimenting me on it, they still, im definately not trying to be cocky @ all ia lso had a hard time styling it because i waz real little, but now its really fun to play around with new stlez!and summer / hamilton i use the same stuff you do, i mean not the same products but i use the same products, my hair is rly unpredictable!!!! i shampoo my hair every other day, i use both naturals pantene shampoo and conditioner and i rinse it out. then , i towel scrunch it, and apply garnier fructis leave in cream for bouncy curls, and i let it air dry after twirling a few pieces with my fingers, to give it tht ringlet look. speaking of ringlets, another great product is redkin ringlet potion 07, it makes your hair look AWESOME!

  24. nona says:

    i had curly hair now i have wavish straight

  25. Cindy says:

    I have exactly the same kind of hair as the two girls in the middle. And always having to have the same hairstyle gets really boring after a while. And the problem with my hair is, if I put layers it would make it really poofy and frizzy. And I can’t get those cool hairstyles with bangs and stuff. Also, I can’t pin it up, because my hair is too thick and if I’d cut my hair short (like, really short) it would poof up and look even worse. I can’t do ANYTHING with my hair, I hate it so much! Besides the fact that no hairstyle would fit my kind of hair, it takes forever to brush and it’s really painful also. It’s horrible, sometimes I really wish I had straight or wavy hair. That’s the kind of hair you can do everything you want with.

  26. Carolyn says:

    my hair is fine,natural blonde/red-guess strawberry blonde-ish,and natural wavy-sometimes corkscrew curls.I wash my hair every day because its oily but i’m gonna try every other day.I need to know from anybody that knows if i should still apply conditioner even if i just rinse on the no wash days.One product i’ve really fell for is Perk-it by Tressa.its a spray and after i wash and towel dry my hair i spray about 2-3 sprays on it.Then i just rub through with fingers then comb through with wide tooth comb.Then I hold head upside down and scrunch and let airdry as much as possible.Works pretty good,especially for humid northeast georgia summers!

  27. Brad says:

    I gotta say as a guy I love girls with some curl in their hair, curly hair is beautiful straight is so boring somtimes. Curly hair, when taken care of, looks smoking hot!

  28. Cokabel says:

    The fact that curly hair looks best medium to long length isn’t necessarily true! I have big ringlets in my hair and it looks better sat on my shoulders than it did when it was long! I think this is because when it was long it was too layered so went like a pyramid. I’m growing it again even though i love it short and hopefully it won’t go like a pyramid!

    Curly hair is tricky to maintain and i find that i have to wash it every day as i can’t brush through it when it’s dry. If i do brush it when it’s dry all the ringlets come out and it just sticks out and is frizzy. It’s brilliant though because a lot of hairstyles look good with it. All my friends love my hair and want it and have so much fun pulling the ringlets and watching them bounce back up! Also if i blow dry my hair, pulling it straight with a brush i get really nice waves so i can have it both ways!

  29. Gigi says:

    many years ago I used to use mousse in my hair to kepp the curls tight, I always kind of hated how that made my hair seem crispy and always had that wet look about it…looked a bit slimy actually lol but hey it was the 90’s you could sort of get away with that. Now I just use creams that moisture the hair and when they dry it just keeps the curl in check, it doesn’t frizz the hair but the curls look nice, soft and romantic.

    I have very tight curls and I use a hair straightener sometimes to make bigger curls, I go over the hair a few times to make it straight and then I twist the hot plate to make a nice big wave and then lots of hairspray…it take a lot of time but it works and it looks different!

  30. Mary says:

    HI I have curly long hair and i hated it when i was younger and early teens coz i wanted to be popular and be straight with brunette or bold hair and i got teased a lot. But now i am 17 i am gradually loving my hair and of course i have bad/good hair days but having long straight brown or bold hair i think it all look the same and boring . but with curly red, brown or bold hair we are different and unique coz nowadays curly hair is rare now and dont see it anymore and IT IS TIME LESS to all the new fashion of hair and they allways keep going back to curly hair. SO EVERY WOMEN WHO HAS CURLY HAIR YOU ARE THE BEST . WE ARE THE ONES AND ONLYS .

  31. kelly says:

    iv been having alot of trouble chooseing how i should get my hair cut. its very thik, long and i hav really tight curls so im not sure if getting layers is the best chioce or not? im also gettin very bored of tighing it back all the time because it comes up like a triangle when i wear it down. any ideas?

  32. anisa says:

    wow im somali and i have beautiful curly hair not to brag…if u want your curls to be cute wash hair with shampoo then coniditinor but while u have the conditiner on comb your hair till it becums soft and untangly and no puffiness then ones u get out of the shower dry your hair with a towel and put on natrual hair oil put your hair in a tight bun for about an hour let down your hair and walla theres the beauty.

  33. heela says:

    heyyyyyyyy who sayz curly hair is not gud infact its da best okai and i hove curly hair and im happy every1 like it and say woww wata hairso chill

  34. Morgan says:

    Ever since I figured out I have nice curls in my hair and determined which products to use, everything has gotten much simpler. I don’t spend any time on it other than washing and applying mousse. The first thing to do is throw out your hairbrushes (just come out your hair as you condition it). I discovered this brand of shampoo and conditioner called Shikai Everyday Shampoo. It is cheap, but even better, it is organic and has only a few ingredients in it. It makes my hair shiny and moist (very new for my hair) without weighing it down or making it limp. Then, after plopping it in a towel for few minutes while I dress, I use a small amount of Biolage Mousse. That is usually good for a day or two.

  35. soraya says:

    i hate my curly har it looks always the same.

  36. anna says:

    I have curly hair. When i was young i didn’t know how to style it so i tried to work against it. Now i finally know how and i wear my hair curly every day. I range from making them scrunched ringlets or long bouncy curls. It is so fun!!!!! Except when i go swimming and all my friends hair is soft and straight and my hair is curly and crazy….. oh well. 🙂

  37. bea says:

    This is what I do to comb my curly hair so that I don’t end up looking like a lion lol

    If you have suffered with really frizzy curly lion hair like me you might find it useful to use a little bit of almond oil to your hair leave in hair moisturizer on your hair, but not much so that it doesn’t become oily. This is what I do to my curly hair and it leaves me with nice shiny bouncy curls.

  38. Kate says:

    I went to the hairdresser recently and with my curly har she somehow managed to convince me to cut bangs to frame my face and to change my look. Well lets just say this had not gone well. My bangs are so short and even shorter because of the curls, it looks bad, i look crazy and it is so hard to do anything with my hair, all i can so is pin it back.

    Anyone have suggestions? should i just wait for it to grow back?

    any help would be appreciated! thanks

  39. michelle says:

    Never layer curly hair, you will regret it and wait for your hair to grow back for a long time! I did it and it made my hair look terrible, it looked crazy, curly hair is best at one length in my opinion

  40. curlz :) says:

    Hi,I have thin, medium-length, dirty blonde, very curly hair! My routine is:
    1. Taking a shower and using conditioner for curly hair
    2. Brushing it when still wet
    3. Using ‘Garnier Fructis leave in treatment. curls and shine. for medium hair, take a grape-sized dollop and rub it between hands. Brush through hair everywherewith fingers. crunch hair up everywhere.
    4. Airdry, without touching it! And best not to have it disturbed at all.
    5. When dry, carefully ‘crunch’ your curls to make them soft instead of crunchy.

    hope this helps people!

  41. Bea says:

    This is the conditioning process that I use to keep my curly hair moist and to best get rid of the frizz.
    1. I use a moisturizing shampoo that I by from my local salon, when I shampoo my hair I do it really softly and gently, I make sure not to scrub my hair to hard as I think this can make the hair more damaged and frizzy.
    2. I then towel dry my hair very gently, i basically just dab the towel about so as not to cause unwanted friction.
    3. I apply a deep moisturizing conditioner called Design Essentials – Super Moisturizing Conditioner. This product is great a truly deeply conditions my hair, there is a remarkable difference in my hair when I have used this and the days when I haven’t. I just apply a small amount to my hair and comb it through with a wide toothed comb. I place a shwoer cap on my head and let the cream do its magic for about 20 mintues and then rinse!

  42. Ivy says:

    I rinse my hair with cold water and then flip my head and scrunch it up then I tilt my hair to either side and scrunch the hair their before flipping the hair upright again, this creates a really nice curl in my hair.

  43. kelly says:

    I have curly hair and from what I gather it seems that men just prefer women with straight hair!

    What do you girls think is sexier straight hair or curly hair?

  44. mariely says:

    i have shoulder length brown hair. its super curly , aswell as frizzy lol. I’m trying to find ways to keep my curls looking soft and bouncy, at the moment they look really dry.

    but besides the problems they give me ,i enjoy my hair, i dont mind being called “curly” at school.

  45. Ali says:

    Personally, even if sarah doesn’t think curly hair looks good on girls, you can’t help it if it’s what you’re born with and God made ya that way. Just saying. btw, I LOVE my curly hair.

  46. Allie says:

    Hey girls with curly hair!
    my hair was really short when i was younger and i had tighter curls,
    now its longer and i love straightening it because its almost down to my waist and it looks heaps longer when its straight.
    when my hairs curly and i cant be bothered straightening itt, i put a leave in treatment to soften my curls, and put it up in a tight bun when i go to bed.
    in the morning, i have loose curls, then i straighten the ends to make it look longer.
    I’ve realised that the longer my hair is, the looser the curls are because they get heavier.

    hope it helps!

    ps: curly hair IS sexy. treasure it, because straight hair can get so boring, and us girls with curly hair have several hair styles to choose from! xoxo

  47. Rosie says:

    I have curly hair too! I use Fruitkicks down under in the red bottle! It makes your hair so soft and adds a nice healthy shine to it! If your hair is really damaged I would use the Fruitkicks in the green bottle. You can also put a little in your hair after washing and conditioning. I use the shampoo and conditioner. Eating a real healthy diet full of green veggies,fruit and if you eat meat, only 3x/wk and you will notice once your body is detoxed it will be so soft and more manageable! Also olive oil helps too,just a little! run through your hair after conditioning will help! It will go frizzy at first but then smooths out! Avocado oil helps too! Long layers are fine but not short layers as it will add more volume!! Straighten with hair dryer helps too! The longer the hair is the more straighter it is!! Also only wash 3x/wk so you don’t strip all the natural oils out of your hair!! Give your hair a break by wearing hats or up in a bun and a break from gels,hairspray etc!!!! Good Luck girls!! Rosie

  48. Rosie says:

    Also braiding your hair to the side now and again helps to heal dry hair! It also looks good! If you trim the ends your self,just a tiny bit every so often and don’t get it cut at a salon it will grow faster! Make sure you get your essential fatty acids and calcium + Magnesium + vit D and of course your protein will help your hair heal and get longer faster! It will also help your nails grow as well,including build bone mass before age 30 then you start to lose bone mass,(it’s bone maintenance after 30)!

  49. vanessa! says:

    Haha I used to never like my hair until I found out how to style it! this is what I do: before school i take a quick shower and then dry off my hair with a towel. i then put some Suave sculpting gel into my hair and blow-dry it, but not thoroughly. it works pretty good but it all depends on which way you face the blow-dryer (preferably faced downwards. never upwards.) I then use a bobby pin and pin my longer bangs to the side, while making a lil bump hehe.

    My hair does not work too good with mousse. i personally don’t think that ‘hard’ curls are too attractive, i prefer looser curls and that’s why i use sculpting gel. Also, i part my bangs to the right side almost every day. my bangs are layered choppy and pretty long. i love to leave them curly and they look best when nose-length. finally, my hair is longer (about chest length) but when curly, they spring back up to shoulder length. ive had bad experiences with short, shoulder-length hair, for when my hair curled after a shower, it would spring up to the bottom of chin!

    I recommend not using hairspray/mousse haha. i prefer sculpting gel and blowdrying downwards. oh and keeping your hair longer with longer layers :]

  50. sarah says:

    i’ve had curly hair my entire life. i thought that if i let it grow out that it would become less curly. well thats not true! it almost reaches my butt and still extremely curly. so i have decided to get it cut for the first time in six years. i’m really scared though that the beautician wont cut it right. but hey i need something new! it sucks though that i can only brush my hair when its wet. i actually found though that my hair does better when i dont use any gel or mousse. just leave your conditioner in you’re hair for 10-15 minutes while in the shower and rinse it out tight before you get out! 🙂

  51. Amanda says:

    I have had curly hair my entire life… and i could never imagine having any other hairstyle. When i was younger, i was extremely blonde.. i’m still blonde, but it has gotten slightly darker from the years. after i learned to manage my hair it has been a breeze controlling my ringlets. I use paul Mitchell styling mousse, leave-in conditioner, and a frizz control serum… it works wonders for me.. when i get my hair cut, i get it trimmed and then i get long layers. it helps keep it bouncy and full, but not in an ugly pyramid shape. I really hate having to only brush my hair when its wet only.. it drives me crazy!

  52. Jordan says:

    I have naturally curly hair about shoulder length. I love it so much but i cant figure out how to make it bouncy and soft! Whenever I get out of the shower and style it, it always dries with some crunchy parts. The ends are so soft and so are my roots but in the middle its always crunchy! Does anyone know how I can get the crunch out? Please let me know!

  53. Kris says:

    I have naturally curly hair that I’ve worn everywhere from shoulder length to the middle of my back. Jordan, I’ve had the same problem for years, my stylist introduced me to a great product that gives my curls the structure I want without making them “crunchy”- it’s called Small Talk by Bed Head. It’s a little pricey, but it absolutely works wonders. I was skeptical at first since it’s a sort of cream (and I was sure that anything that wasn’t a mousse or gel would not be able to tame my hair) but it works great!

  54. Mandy says:

    Response to Jordon:

    I used to have the same problem with my curly hair…what seems to help is to blow dry my hair upside down but only dry the roots….this eliminates the crunchy roots and helps in styling! The ends will feel a little stiff in comparison, but they will dry soft. Good luck!

  55. aliyah says:

    I have naturally straight hair an really want big curly hair, ive always dreamed of having my hair that style but just dont know how?

  56. Priscila says:

    I have brown/natural copperish hi.lights THICK HEAVY(supposedly heavy) curly hair.its wierd cuz i used to have almost straight little wavy-ish hair but its gotten curlier with time although its like flat curly . . . get me??LOL.I have never had layers and my hair is like4 inches from my waist(NOW:))My hair is also…CRUNCHY!but its wierd cuz it only happens in the middle underneath part.When i look at myself with my hair down in profile angle it SERIOUSLY looks like it was inflated! NO LIE! Its “heavy” and POOFY! I have tried gels and mouses but no luck:( I used to do the shampoo&& conditioner combo but recently ive quit the conditioner and im getting a little improvement…any recommendations? PLEASE DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLES WELCOME W/ STEPSS! BTW ive worn straightened bangs like the over your forehead kind, since as lonqq as i can remembber. . . sorry this is lonqq…

  57. Priscila says:

    UMm well if you have fine hair i would recommend John FReida Collection:CURLY , DOVE CURL& SCULT , or Palmers Olive OIl if your hair is dryish . Ikno ‘Isnt she askin for help???’ Well YES but My problem is frizz and POOFINESS:P

  58. Ella Jane says:

    RE: Priscilla
    I had a problem with frizziness when i was younger, but i washed it everyday and combed it in the shower with a wide toothed comb so it didn’t separate the curls too much and then applied a leave in conditioner straight away before even drying my hair and then a hair anti-frizz serum. DON’T BLOWDRY!!! it will only make it worse, let it dry naturally. I hope that helps…

  59. Brooke says:

    I have red curly hair. I have rhis awfull hair cut thats Short AND looks like a pyramid. But i use redken curl wise14. It really helps make my hair look alot better. But it make my hair a little stiff…. Is there any products that help tame my hair, but still leaves it nice and soft?

  60. Diane says:

    I always hated my curly hair growing up, but only because I didn’t know how to style it. I recently discovered DevaCurl products, and now I LOVE my curly hair! I only have it shoulder length and plan on growing it long. I have my dark brown hair highlighted by a stylist who knows curly hair well, and I have a good hair day every day now! I highly recommended reading the book “Curly Girl- The Handbook” by Lorraine Massey (creator of DevaCurl products) from cover to cover. Even comes with a great instructional DVD! You’ll have great hair after reading it!!!

  61. roxxy says:

    I have phone cord ringlets, i find the best way to tame is only brush when wet, i just squeeze the extra water out of it after my shower, then i mousse it, leave in conditioner, then blow dry, and once its about half way dry i use a little more product, then dry untl its almost all dry, often i dont dry it fully, just let it sit! works wonders… however i would love biiiig curls!

  62. Jessica says:

    I have Taylor Swift hair. Not the kind where she’s on the red carpet and looks fab. but her natural hair. It’s long I would say but for whatever reason I’ve have bad hairday after bad hairday after bad hairday. Is there anything I’m dong wrong?? What I do every morning is below.

    Take a shower, brush through my hair to get the dead hari out. When I’m done I get out and put my leave in conditioner in and put it in a towel. I do this so I’m not going to school with wet crunchy hair. After I think it’s dry I take it down, take a wide tooth comb and part it only going a couple inches away from my roots where I’m not looking like a walking fuzzball. I spray with hair spray and take my diffuser and blow it dry until it’s about 80% done. It air drys the rest of the way.

  63. Swati says:


    I think what you are doing wrong is combing your hair after you are done styling. this will kill your curls.

    My suggestion is to comb your hair with wide tooth comb of your fingers while you condition them during shower.

    And try to scrunch your hair one you are doing applying your leave in conditioner. This way your dead hair will be out of the tangle, and you will have more styled curled for the rest of the day.

    You can try this on an off day, when you are not going to step out. if this works for you, you can try it again and again.

  64. Alyn says:

    @ Jessica
    I think that the towel drying process is where you go wrong. I have done many different things with my curly hair, but the key (for me) is to comb (or brush) it out when it is very wet, almost dripping and use a leave-in conditioner. I smooth the hair flt, and then add product and scrunch, then either air-dry or blw dry at roots upside-down with a diffuser.

  65. Kara says:

    Hey! I have curly red hair (a bit like the second photo). And trust me I’ve been through those bulbous mushroom effect years, basically I had my hair up in a ponytail 24/7. But after I got layers and started using a curl product, mousse works also, everything started woring. Of course, I never blow dry my hair or brush it when it is dry. But I’m just so glad I can leave my hair down. Go layers!!!

  66. CurlyQ says:

    Great tips! You can also try to do the “unicorn cut” yourself which will give you layers.

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