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Hot blonde emo girls have a definite sense of style that totally rocks!

Some pictures of Blonde emo hairstyles make great eye candy, the most internet famous one of course being Katie Babyface…and if not the most well known definitely one of the cutest!


Usually the blonder the better

Pretty Blonde Emo

Many of the emo or scene girls who have this look bleach their hair platinum blonde

Platinum Blonde Emo Haircuts

And use lots of black eyeliner

blonde emo hairstyles

You can add some streaks of another color like turquoise

long blonde emo

or you can try black and blonde emo hair

blonde and black emo

Short blonde emo hair is cute


71 responses to “Blonde Emo Girls”

  1. tiffy says:

    does anyone know who the 5th girl is?

  2. shannon says:

    does anybody know the name of the 4th girl it is important ?????

  3. nicole says:

    i want 2 be emo but idk how to do it…… oXo

  4. Tasha says:

    I already know how to emo but i searching some photos

  5. Dea says:

    The first girl is so hot !

  6. madison says:

    omg i want hair like the first gurl :)

  7. madison says:

    omg i luv the first gurls hair

  8. emma louise says:

    i want 2 be emo but my mum wont let me im 13
    n the 4th girl is Darkota Rose !!! XD
    i dont knw the 5th sorry
    i love emos n scenes cant wait to get my hair lyk these girls !!!!! emma…x

  9. nicki says:

    i feel like i know the 4th girl….Darkota Rose.. i dk how i found this… (ive seen he like in a dream or something

  10. Isabel says:

    What’s the name of the 3rd one.

  11. killer95 says:

    hahaha i was playing ps3 with the 5th girl 😀

  12. hotttbabe 69 says:

    omg i would fuck them all its like McDonalds im lovin it. and also like subway in a sense im eating fresh and not like dq i dont like frozen yougurt if you get my drift wink wink call me if you wanna fuck me

  13. Trollface says:

    Does anybody know the name of the fifth girl?

  14. Unknown says:

    No you dont want to be emo because its bad and trust me I wanted to be emo/scene and I went around telling everyone I was and you see emo people like to cut not all but most so everyone assumed I did and now I have 0 friends because I wanted to be emo my life is ruined.

  15. Jarah says:

    The 1st And The 6th Girl Are The same Person And Her Name HAppens To be Keria… but iDunno About the Others..

  16. BabyFace Kitty says:

    Im emo…..i had blonde nd black……and purple……which 1st i was scene bt thn Bcame emo……they r almost the same thing bt different emotions nd style…..which would b a gr8 hair color?Nd if u want nd hav a ps3 i cn send u pics of me…..Luv, BabyFace Kitty

  17. Killing Kristahh says:

    i lvoe these they are soo pretty

  18. tanisha says:

    she is soooo emo and pretty

  19. tanisha says:

    the first one is pretty

  20. sara says:

    I wanna know your name

  21. Melly says:

    Girl #6 is Katie Babyfayce.

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