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New Hair Ideas for 2011- 2012

Gorgeous new hairstyle ideas for 2011 / 2012 created by Killer Hair!

pink brown hair

Layered brown hair with pink underneath.

Asymmetrical haircut in ash blonde with lilac tones.

Choppy blonde hair with burgundy underneath the bangs.

Client: Killer Hair
Photographer: Jessica Sim

Prom Hairstyles – Updos Front and Back Shots

Now that prom dresses have been chosen and so have your dates it is time to think about what you are going to do with your hair on that special prom night. If you are looking for glamorous, sophisticated and fancy prom hairstyle then you have found the right place, here is a series of great prom hair style looks for you to wear. I have provided a view of the front and the back of the prom hairstyle so that if you decide that this is the look for you; you don’t have to leave any part of the hairstyle to guesswork.

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Beautiful long hair pinned up the front in a sleek style with big loose cascading curls down the back.

Beautiful long hair pinned up the front in a sleek side part with big loose cascading curls down the back.


If you have long hair putting your hair up in a sophisticated bun will make you look very elegant and draw attention to the neckline of your dress. Add flowers to match your dress for that extra sparkle.


A classy prom hairstyle with hair up in a big ponytail and a semi bun with the remainder of the hair cascading down in a huge loose curl.


Side parted hairstyle that goes into a loose sexy and smooth ponytail for that touch of femininity. match this hairstyle with big chandelier earrings to compliment your prom dress.


Another variation of the classy chignon but this time higher up near the crown of the head. This is a very formal look and would look fantastic with most prow gowns.


If you have gorgeous long hair consider trying it up in a low side ponytail and curling you hair with a flat iron you can then let those curls cascade down one shoulder for a very girly and sexy prom style.

You can never go wrong with an elegant chignon at any formal occasion, whether it be a prom, wedding or any other special event. The great thing about the chignon is that this hairstyle works on straight, wavy or even curly hair.

You can never go wrong with an elegant chignon at any formal occasion, whether it be a prom, wedding or any other special event. The chignon hairstyle works on straight, wavy and curly hair.

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Emotional Hairstyle Changes

My sister recently went through a series of dramatic hair changes. Most of her life she had long layered brunette hair with a side part. But over the course of a few months she cut it into a mid-length layered cut with a heavy fringe before just cropping it all off into a pixie cut and bleaching it blonde.

What made her chop it all off after years of having the same hairstyle, it lead me to wonder if she was dealing with some inner turmoil that made her lash out in some physical manner. After a D&M I found out that she was sick and tired of her surroundings, she was over being single, she was over her job and she thought that a new and improved hairstyle would lead her into a new and improved life. So it would seem that while some of us change careers or travel overseas, many of us re-invent ourselves by changing our hair.

Some people are emotionally attached to their hair. When this happens and they don’t want to be reminded of the past and want to feel like a new person then this is when drastic hairstyle changes happen. Some women who are getting older grow their hair to feel younger. Women who are pregnant or have just had a baby usually chop their hair off above their shoulders and women going through a break-up do all types or dramatic changes to their hairstyle.

People’s hairstyles are not only a reflection on the inner emotional state of a person and how they chose to express themselves, but it plays a big role in how people are perceived. Different hairstyles significantly overpower whatever first impressions you gain from the face alone. So next time you feel you are having a bad hair day, don’t think you are just being a drama queen as bad hair days have the power to significantly decrease self-esteem while increasing self doubt and intensifying social insecurities, fun!


Everyone has bad hair days

When it comes to hair, most of us find our perfect look the hard way (lots of different colors, burnt hair, short haircuts, crazy bangs, lots of bleach – don’t blondes have more fun?…these are the things I have gone through, it’s not just my sister, must be in the genes). Once you find that perfect style for your hair it can be worth its weight in gold, make sure you always take a hairstyle picture with you to the beauty parlour.

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