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Gorgeous curly black hair.

8 responses to “Natural Curly Afro”

  1. Nikia says:

    What kind of hair is this?

  2. eliiani says:

    how did you get your hair to look like that? did you do a perm or something

  3. Sara says:

    I know for sure this girl is either Eritrean or Ethiopian. Those people have the nicest hair in the world. Beautiful curly, long thick hair. She looks like them or she has some sort of mix in her or she’s just blessed! That’s natural.

  4. sign says:

    this is definitely natural,being mixed has nothing to do with the texture of your hair i am a full blooded afro american woman and my hair goes to my but this has nothing to do with chemicals,only water is needed to make my hair curl with the most beautiful feel

  5. Nico Suavo says:

    I’m African American [not sure what part of africa], German, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, Native american, Japanese, and Hawaiian.
    The order of nationalities being like the order of ingredients on a food item [whatever’s there more of is listed first].

    My hair looks like this. I fucking love my hair.

  6. Wa says:

    She’s Ethiopian or Somalian, you can just see it from her hair type.
    I’m Swiss Somali and my hair is exactly like that, it’s definitely natural!

  7. Denise says:

    I’m 14. Not mixed just a Dominican American girl and my hair is like THIS but longer (up my butt). Nobody has my hair that’s when people see my hair they don’t think is my real hair they’ll be surprise when they rub my hair after that they give me a complement about my hair.” That’s the Most beautiful hair i ever seen”. Or god bless your hair or I hear some black girls saying I wish my hair look like that.

  8. DA Iverson says:

    Who is the model?

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