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Bold Hair Color

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Bright and vibrant hair color makes a statement!

Whether you are going for the latest teen emo hairstyle, rock chick hair do, glam goth or are just simply a drama diva who wants to get noticed NOW, then check out these stare at me hair styles that will simply rock anyone’s world.

Ask your hair stylist for color that is added in blocks under your bangs, between layers and at the sides. Shades of copper, mahogany and plum work best on blondes and redheads while purple, blue and reds look good on brunettes.

3 responses to “Bold Hair Color”

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  2. Josie says:

    Some of these alternative haircuts are so cool. Some are just plain bizarre like that long platinum fringe one. It would be sort of hard to carry that off in real life hahah

  3. oyeyemi seun says:

    color blocking hair styles

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