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Rainbow bangs and thick rimmed specs, how could you go wrong? Great emo look!

11 responses to “17-emo-girl”

  1. lacey williams says:

    omg! you look EXACTLY like me are u sure were not twins your hair is amazing i have purple hair with pink bangs we have the same looks exactly who are you?!?! email me ill send you pics cause relaly we look exactly alike!!! my email is

    Lacey williams
    yewr hair is rad
    God bless!

  2. arianne says:

    holy fuckk . that kid goes to my school … ;O

  3. BabyyGurl says:

    You Look Soo Fkingg Prettyy, Work Itt!(:

  4. Allison says:

    Dude…. i love ur hair ^-^

  5. Helly Azz says:

    damn girl , thats so fuckiings nice ! :3

  6. Jenny says:


  7. Navvy says:

    your hair is really pretty im actually asking my mom to get my hair to look like this ahaha

  8. kaylie m. says:

    Hey whats ur name? jw i think i might know you

  9. KINGZONER says:

    This looks like my friend too . . . >.>

  10. jade ;o says:

    omg yew look like me O_o im asking to get my hair like this (;

  11. Saelee says:

    That’s me!!!

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