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This is very cool emo hair. Great contrast between the silvery platinum blonde and the black and pink hair.

7 responses to “07-emo-girl”

  1. candice says:

    luv the hair

  2. moo says:

    Omfg xD thats so sexy :)loving it

  3. cressa says:

    nice hair 😛

  4. staceey says:

    i lovee thiss hair i want hair like this thaats so cute!(:

  5. bel says:

    somthing about this hair is off

  6. oscar says:

    f ck man u look so fucken bomd so wats ur name i only like emo girls all day an every day

  7. anna says:

    This looks like a girl i know named Kelly O.O Like, exactly like her..

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