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The emo trend is bigger than ever, especially for the teenagers out there. The teen population is divided into those that love the emo look and everything the subculture encompasses, those who loath it and those that could not give a diddly squat about it. This post is for those of you out there who love emo hairstyles on boys or for boys out there looking to get an emo haircut, prepare to be inspired!

Emo girls go here: Cute Emo Girls

For more hot emo boy images go here: cute emo boys

Classic emo haircut with dyed black hair and side fringe covering an eye

Classic emo haircut with dyed black hair and side fringe covering an eye

More eccentric emo hairstyle, high upkeep but totally worth it

More eccentric emo hairstyle, high upkeep but totally worth it

Bright yellow block color carefully placed gives great texture to the hair

Bright yellow block color carefully placed gives great texture to the hair

Blonde emo boy
Here you can see the spiking int he back of the head. The copper streaks look amazing mixed in with the black hair.

Here you can see the spiking in the back of the head. The copper streaks look amazing mixed in with the black hair.

Cute emo boy with side fringe.

Cute emo boy with side fringe.

If you are looking for gorgeous pink scene queen hair check out this video: Scene Hair

114 responses to “Cute Emo Boys That Are Too Cool 4 Skool!”

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  3. Roena says:

    well I love emo boys no offence but if they went to my school i would knock people out to get to them

  4. sara says:

    the piccher are soo cute i likit

  5. owen bebbington says:

    these lads are goregous.

  6. LOUREN says:

    wow very cute i whant to **** he…..realy

  7. Renee says:

    wow.. the last guy is really really good looking! and his hair is cute =)
    pretty snow-effects hehehe

  8. i love the last guy he is hot and his hair is awesome dude says:

    hi i like the last guy he is cute like cute as in hot

  9. beth says:

    these boys are soooooo cute

  10. Becca says:

    I actually kinda like the first guy ^.^

  11. Melina says:

    The last guy is soo cute and he is hot.

  12. veronika says:

    i love emoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. veronika says:

    i love emooooooo!!!!!

  14. erika says:

    mi chiamo erika e abito a arezzo,adoro gli emo da qdn avevo 9 anni,e appena ne vedo 1 impazziscooo!

  15. Sara says:

    all the guys are fucking hot

  16. mandy says:

    ok i swear i think i know the first guy does any1 know wats his name it might ring a bell

  17. Tiffany says:

    you gays are cool and het me up?

  18. tiffany says:

    you person how says thay are hot your right

  19. zhizpithaz says:

    aaaaaai !!!

  20. Briana Bitch says:

    um…I prefer to have the second guy and the last guy…yeah all you wanna be ho’s…sorry there mine! MWAHHHAAAAHHHAAA

  21. seth says:

    omfg! my friend leah j thinks u guys r realy sexy.

  22. goth bunny says:

    all of those boys are gud lookin i would no i m emo and by the way EEEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rrrrrrrrrooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxoo bye bye

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  24. julie says:

    you guys are soooo HOT!!!!!!! hell yeah

  25. Some random says:

    The first guys name I think is Matt

  26. Yazoo says:

    Yeah well…I think Emo is described as being different and your own, but I see SOO many Boys&Girls with them hair styles and that style that it’s starting to become one of those cloning sheep thingys (Yeah I Know my Grammar Ain’t cool) Yeah who doesn’t like a bit of Rock&Indie Music, but it doesn’t mean you have to dress like your fave bands. I say Be individual and have your own style where you don’t belong in any categories of fashion statements YEAH ROCK ON !

  27. emochick Kimmy says:

    the first one is hott!!!!!! is he single if so ill take him he is fuine if he wants an emo gf well he has found his girl and its me!!!!!!1111 tell him he can find me at Kimmy Throckmorton on myspace and for email ily

  28. Tyerra says:

    u guys r so rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!emo guys r super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. anril melriguez says:

    YOU GUYS ARE SO HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ///.\

  30. Alex says:

    why do you have to be so cute??

  31. monica says:

    sexy ass boys im black but these emo boys is turning me on

  32. Bianca says:

    The first guy iz like friken HOT! he has gorgeous eyes… all the other guys are like ILL… 🙂 I LOVE HOT EMO GUYZ!!!

  33. morgan says:

    this perfect emo boys!

  34. kia says:

    can thier be alot of new videos f hot sexy emo boys anguys that are not all the same.

  35. kandykanekatrina says:

    i love emo boys…there are like no emo boys at my skol and its really gay!!!!! i do know one and he likes me back but i can’t date him!!!!! i need help!!!! :p

  36. mak says:

    tey r fentastic tey look very cool & sexy

  37. Emo Girl says:

    The First guy is the cutest!! No DOUBTS, SO SXC

  38. emo grl says:


  39. emo grl says:

    they r kinda cute

  40. miso says:

    well theyreeeeeeeee hot can i have one of there emials iam the kinda of emo all guys wants:P:P:D

  41. wow those boys are so freakin hot and my bff thinks so to

  42. nikki says:

    omg hottys !!! but i have one of my own
    anybody want one email me at and maby ill hook u up with one 😉 emo bye the way rawr

  43. becky says:

    Hot emo boys! :3 their so cute ^^

  44. Amanda says:

    I would just like to point out, that the boy with black hair and copper streaks is one of my best friends. No, i’m not bullshitting any of you, he is.

  45. aniee says:

    hiiiii i m aniee my boyfriends hairstyle is emo style i love my boyfriend

  46. leanne says:

    i think the 1 at the end is the cutest !! xxxx

  47. Emo_sad_chick/lover/hater says:

    OmG I lOvE tHe SeCoNd GuY hE lOoKs SoO cUte AND our bangs MATCH!!!! :))

  48. Megan says:

    OMG it’s Destery!!! I love him! He’s actually scene not emo but whatever..

  49. sophia says:

    u guys r so fuckin cute

  50. seana griffiths says:

    the last picture he is soo hot

  51. sexyrain says:

    all of thosse guys are getting me horny and i’m black tall with big boobs and a big butt

  52. kylie says:

    i like the third one he is Hot

  53. abigail cristello says:

    i like the first guy better. He is a major cutie!!

  54. Stacyy says:

    I think the last quy is H O t!!

  55. cHARles Searon says:

    U like best perfoms
    …i like this

  56. freaken hottie says:


    those guys are xooooo cute!!!

    love them xooo much!!!!

  57. BamBa says:

    the very 1st guy i LOVE! ive got him all over my pages the blond 1 on the other hand should really fXXXXX die he is so f n ugly

  58. BamBa says:

    hay amanda ure friend is f n ugly u probly r 2 (ewwww)

  59. mea says:

    u r like soo sexxy

  60. marissa says:

    I like the first guy. Sooo CUTE,HOT

  61. XxXMandy MedicateXxX says:

    Woww…Their Hott…But Their Not “Emo”…Their Scene And Their Fakes…Hate To ruin Your Fun Girls..Hu Needs Them Anyways.Hahah.

  62. *JESSA* says:


  63. anonymous says:

    Hey wow I like the first one just so you know I am a black girl short like 5’2 skinny 92 lbs and has a golden brown skin complexion I have medium length straightend hair with side swept bangs and flat chested I am wearing a white sweater with a black belt on the white sweater and black hoodie and purple capris i am 14 years old and I am looking for a black emo because I want to be couples with an emo with my race. I am the only black girl in my class please help look for emo black dudes. thank you

  64. anonymous says:

    I am known as “the black girl”

  65. anonymous says:

    Hey I like the last one with the snow

  66. anonymous says:

    me tooo

  67. thatlittlegirl says:

    hey whats the difference between emo, punk and scene im confused they all seem the same

  68. cocoa says:

    hey what’s up im cocoa im interested in emo boyzzz
    nice tastey rawr

  69. cocoa says:


  70. Nicole chandiler says:

    ok you guys just want attention!!!! well good I love em boys too I think there hot

  71. fujisex says:

    omg my dream is to be in a swing with an emo guy and have the time of my life

  72. i get high says:

    OMFG those guys r UGLY =)

  73. LilMizDiz says:

    the first guy,I Love. I am emo to and trying to find an emo dude!

  74. LilMizDiz says:

    What the fuck “I get high,” they are so fuckin H O T HOT but not the blond one Lol

  75. Leslie says:

    i love the 2nd one<3 id like date you <3
    id like cry if u were able to get ahold of me:) i wanna kiss you and date you:)look me up sweety<33

  76. summer says:

    you guys r so hottttttttttttttttttttt

  77. summer says:

    txt me 15805223691

  78. sophie says:

    none of them are cute to me!!!! Which i am a cheerleder so i guess it is true we do fall only for jocks!!!
    (so sorry guys) They are kind of scary to me!!!!!!!!

  79. gracie says:

    sophioe is my sis and she is crazy!!!! the one in the snow is howt!!! Loveyou!!! so is the blonde!! so cute!!!!!

  80. CainXchaban says:

    I like the 2nd one >:3 now hes a sexy motha fka!! LOVE YOU CHRIS DAKOTA

  81. CainXchaban says:

    People if you have nothing nice to say then don’t fking post it =x= cos no one cares what negative sht you have to say

  82. Ashleigh says:

    i like the first one and the last one, they r soooo fuckin hot, but i like the 3rd onez piercingz

  83. emo f**K says:

    i like all of the above cause they are hottt,and it’s strange that at my place it’s winter and a little windy and i’m as in fire haha is this cause i love emo boysssss,,,sweety are they allhmmmm delicious , i am an emo gurl tookiss you emo boysss,,mooooauch smack,

  84. kittie katt says:

    I really like the last 2 and the 1 with blond streaks is really cute!!! I’m inlove with emo, but I wouldn’t consider myself emo… <3 Also I'm looking for somebody, I have pink hair, no seriously, I REALLY HAVE PINK HAIR!!!! lol. and I'm kinda fat, sooo, your on top!!! naw just kiddin lol…. My favriot color is….. HELL I DUNNO… rainbow i geuss…. ROFLAO hahaha if you can tell, I'm RAtarded… (I like acting like this…) sooo any way…. I'm bisexual, and love the 2 words, CHOMP nad RRRRRRAWRRRRR! Make my day, and kiss my ass…. BYE

  85. harperrHxx says:

    the last guy is freakin hott but alex evans is always the hottest xD

  86. melad says:

    goooooooooooood emoo

  87. r....... says:

    gia choda kha…………

  88. StaceyanneY says:

    There all really hot but last one is really fuckin hot

  89. sharon says:

    these guys look so gay they should fix
    there look theyre all goth hoe dp u like them

  90. sharon says:

    they should get their fuckin act tg cuz they look like shit

  91. bre says:

    hey the lasts ones name is giovanni he lives in new hampshire if anyone wants his number id gladly give it out but beware he is a jerk and hes 17

  92. HOPETHEDOPE says:

    Definetly the 1st one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Roze says:

    first one iz awesome…

  94. JJ starr says:

    I would Tap all of the Above! :DDD XD

  95. NB says:

    Whats the first guys name? Some chick on fb is claiming that’s her bf. lol

  96. teneille says:

    The last guy is sooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOT

  97. red says:

    omfg i love the very first one he is soooo HOT!!!!!

  98. kalei says:

    lol im emo but i dont cut but emo guys r just to sexy. well so am i i just died mt hair yellowst ornganst blond hehe hotiee i got like 7 compliments

  99. kalei says:

    the frist one is fucking sexy emo bammm i have brite blue eyez and white skinn just long blond hair sexy!

  100. kalei says:

    the frist one is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo seeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  101. lulu says:

    My friend know the first guy on the picture hahaaha
    he is really sweet ;-p

  102. rain says:

    i think the last one is the sexiest!! XP

  103. tt says:

    your so right the the last one is hot

  104. Amy says:

    Wow , nice hair you got there…. it looks awesome!!!!

  105. Taylor says:

    really all u girls look at is the hotness of these wow!
    well im emo and so is my brother and i got on here so i can find a new hair cut for my brother but now i see even those girls who ernt emo get on here jus 2 see hot guys GET A LIFE!

  106. Booman7736 says:

    XD this is just radical… I’m trying to get my hair like the 5th guy. :]

  107. boobear says:

    personally iz lik the 2 boyz hair because my freindz w/benifitz haz hair juz lik it ;l BLOOD

  108. Sexy freak says:

    So, i wish emo boys were not gay. They are f**king sexy… P.S can i get an emo guy bang,im a tomboy.

  109. Zayneinar says:

    THEY good..
    Not bad..

  110. switch blade says:

    im emo my self and im a girl and emo boys are fuking hot man

  111. AlyssaF says:

    Does anyone know the first guys name?? IT’S URGENT! Help!

  112. Randy says:

    O, how I wish I could ask an Emo Boy to kiss me0

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