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5 responses to “Kristen-Stewart-blonde-hair”

  1. ivy says:

    This is how Kristen Stewart should ALWAYS wear her hair, this color and length, she suits lighter hair!

  2. denim leggings says:

    And I think the length suits her but the blond colour doesn’t. She looks a bit blurry I guess. But I don’t like her in black either. Maybe something in between?

  3. Cha Cha queen says:

    idk…she doesn’t own any hairstyle. i mean in black she looks too gothic and in this she looks fake.

    she looks like a regular citizen with a flattened out look.

  4. Cha Cha queen says:

    brings out her eyes though:)

  5. Yellow Roses says:

    I love Kristen’s hair blonde! She looks so much prettier and even happier with the blonde hair. I think the darker hair makes her look like a plain Jane but with blonde she is gorgeous!

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