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Katy Perry’s Short Hair

Katy Perry rocks a fantastic new look – a short black pixie cut!

Katy Perry short hair

via 20 Stunning Short Hair Ideas

Katy Perry wears Moschino at the Met Ball on May 4, but although the outfit was eye catching, it was not what had everybody talking, what had all eyes on her was her super cute new short cut! The best part is that the short cut is only a wig, but she should seriously consider having this hair all the time, it’s the best hairstyle she has had in ages.

katy perry short cut

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer-songwriter you might have heard of her? she is best known for her “I kissed a girl” fame.

Katy Perry has an unconventional sense of style that often lands her on the worst dressed list, her hair however is not too out there at all and usually quite pretty and has a vintage 1940s 50s feel. Katy Perry can be usually seen with medium to long layered hair in dark glossy brown or black, sometimes she has a heavy bang and it all helps to show off her big blue eyes.

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