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When Friends first came into the world and threw Jennifer Aniston into the Public eye everyone wanted to get the Rachel hair cut. Fascination with Jennifer Aniston’s hair has continued, her wonderful long, straight and sometimes wavy locks cut into long layers grace us from countless movies, magazines and websites. Her hair is usually maintained in that gorgeous highlighted, dark blonde hair color that always looks fresh, natural and summery.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Picture Gallery:

3 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Gorgeous Hair”

  1. Nai says:

    I love Jenny she’s so sweet 🙂

  2. Pipa says:

    Jennifer Aniston is awesome! she has the best hair ever. I always tell my hair stylist that i want Jen hair 😉

  3. Kate says:

    From her success as Rachel Green on “Friends” Jennifer Aniston has surprised us every so often with her haircuts and hairstyles, although she has never made any drastic changes like black hair. Rumour has it that Jeniifer Aniston take care of her hair with horse shampoo that strengthens her hair.

    During “Friends” Jennifer cut and hairstyle changed each season, with bright highlights, soft hair completely straight or waves, a little brown or almost red. Aniston is not afraid to change and is the best example that if we try we can change the image every so often and renew, simply find the style that we like. If you have straight and abundant hair like Jennifer, one of these hairstyles should probably suit you!.

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