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Hair Bleach Stages

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The many stages your hair will go through before getting to platinum blonde.

9 responses to “Hair Bleach Stages”

  1. Kuhrissayy says:

    It’d bee supperr ooberr nice if i caould put my picture on here(:

    I’m scene and my hair is pretyy F**king pimpp(:

    It’s Black, pink, blonde and brownn.

    It’s amazing and i’d be happy to contribute,,,

    email me if you’re willing to except…


    Krissi Petroff


  2. stormie says:

    how did you get your hair blonde i need help im going from black to blonde and need some advise on how to do it thanks

  3. lucy says:

    hey, i had dyed ash blonde hair and then me being stupid decided to dye it black.
    As soon as i washed of the dye, i knew i had made a mistake!
    I kept it black for two months then varieted it from brown, auben, reddy brown.
    After 5months of being dark i decided i needed to go back blonde.
    I put a blonde dye on my auben hair and the roots turned baby blonde and the rest more ginger.
    It looked terrible! atleast i didnt have to go to school that day.

    The next day i put another dye on, but not on the roots. My hair went a more orange colour! so i thought i should go to the hairdressers. I had a full head of highlights costing £55 and it lightened my hair pretty well.

    A week later i got my usual nice ‘n’ easy dye and put it on my hair. It lightened it but it made not much differance.
    At the moment my hair is a golden colour with a few strands of reddish in.

    Im thinking of bleaching it but my hair has thinned so much i think it will fall out, hahaha.

    will just carry on dying it till i get a baby blonde colour!

    Lucy, 13 🙂

  4. lauren, 14:) says:

    i want to go a light brown, ash blondey colour, for the summer.
    my hair is naturally dark brown, but i recently died it red, i did a brown over it but there is still a hint of red.
    how can i get my hair to the ash blonde, without going to the hairdressers, and it being a low cost.
    if you have any ideas they would be very helpful:)

  5. Jade says:

    I was dark brown and i stripped my hair using colour b4, and it went a light brown giger colour, then died my hair using ice blonde them LIVE colours in boxs, my hair went blonde roots and abit ginger at the sides, i then used 03 L’orelle Lightest Ash Blonde where my hair went baby blonde all over with white with a tiny tiny of ginger underneath, so i died my hair all over the darker parts using Ash Blonde again and my hair is all blonde :), hoping to go bleach blonde now so im going to try putting a LIVE platinum blonde on :), By The Way I DO MY HAIR AT HOME MYSELF AND IM ONLY 16,
    Much Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hi if you would like to take any red out of your hair, you will have to use a color with a GREEN BASE in it, usually ashes. You have to watch out becuase some ash tones have a blue base.
    I’m a professional hair dresser and go from black to blonde /red to blonde.
    Heres a tip, if you want to get rid of a tone in your hair us the complemntary color.
    Hope this helps. and remember going to blonde is a process you HAVE to go threw the different stages to achieve white blonde.
    so when you hair turns out orange dont fret, its going threw the proper stages. hope this helps 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    also when bleaching you need to do protien and deep conditiong treatments,very cheap can purchase them at sallys.

  8. My New Hair says:

    Thanks for this information!

  9. My New Hair says:

    that is true but you should be careful I put a color in once that left my blonde hair with a green tinge (not a nice green either)

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