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9 responses to “gorgeous-platinum-curls”

  1. Niamh says:

    stunning how do you get this colour hair=]

  2. nina says:

    Can you please let me know how i can get this color

  3. chelsea says:

    yeah go to your home and bargain buy a platnium blonde hairdye its in a blue box its really good my hair is even lighter than this and i use this hair dye its amaizing !!

  4. KatieDawn says:

    My hair is like , brownish/redish. And I want to dye my hair this color but, I’m scared that it’ll come out bad 🙁 . I think I’m gonna go with it though, because your hair looks completely amazing doll.(:

  5. Nonnie says:

    Can anyone tell me who this model is?

  6. Danielle says:

    i love this hair. I have my hair this colour and i used platinum blonde. This is what it looks like xxx

  7. rachel says:

    hi danielle what colour was ur hair before how long did it take ? xxx

  8. Sara says:

    Nonnie, this is Asdis Ran, an icelandik model.

  9. Mollie says:

    I want this hair color, My hair is a lil bit darker then this color and Im worried that if I use this that it will fry it even more.

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