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Christina Aguilera is another superstar that has platinum blonde hair as part of her signature style.

5 responses to “Christina Aguilera – Another Platinum Blonde”

  1. yvonne says:

    i luv her hair though am black but abt her being a lesbian it spoils the whole picture

  2. js says:

    don’t think she is a lesbian?

  3. Ugh says:

    Damn Christina Aguilera looked so much better with her fat nose!! I’ve always hated her nose the bridge is too thin for her bulbous tip. Back here it looked natural and fit her face. Here above she must have been 14? Looks like a whole other person! She needs thicker eyebrows. Currently she looks her best with dark jet black hair. It makes her nose less prominent.

    My goodness Christina Aguilera has had so much plastic surgery: nose job, face lipo, brow lift to make her eyes much smaller and who knows what else?! (Chin surgery maybe?)

    At any rate yes Christina Aguilera is a lesbian, just like Britney Spears she was cheating with a woman and what broke up her marriage. Anyone with nipples piercings is not right in the head, sexually speaking they’re deviants and women with pierced nipples are always lesbians, always no matter how much in denial they are.

  4. jose says:


  5. Jay says:

    People Christina’s face has not really changed, besides the obvious teen to adult change. Look at her in Burlesqe.

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