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Copper Red Hair Pictures

Pictures of celebrities with gorgeous red copper hair to inspire and entice your next hair color move! Dare to wear this amazing shade of copper red – this is definitely not for the wallflower types – this hair color walks into the room before you do so prepare to be noticed!!

Tips for Taking Care of Dark Hair

Wavy, curly or straight, dark hair is more fragile than it appears. One of the disadvantages of being a brunette is the low production of sebaceous glands that causes the hair to become dry and delicate. What are the consequences? As black pigments reflect light naturally, if the hair is well hydrated it will always looks radiant. If not, the color fades and hair looks dull and dry.

Tips for taking care of dark hair

Dark Hair Maintenance: Shampoo

Wash your hair two or three times a week with a special shampoo formulated for dark hair nutrition. For example; Shampoo John Frieda brilliant brunette. Its natural extracts of cocoa beans and powder pearl illuminate both chocolate tones as deep blacks.
Shampoo hair and rinse it with warm water. Apply a hydrating cream from the middle of the hair to the tips. Let it act for at least 10 minutes, the time required for the nutritional assets of the cream to deeply penetrate the hair.
Rinse it with warm water again and end with cold water rinse to close the hair fiber and give luster to the color.
To avoid brittle hair, avoid using hair dryers or hot plates. If you tend to straighten your hair, apply a protective and nourishing serum from the middle of the hair to the ends just before using the hair straightener.

Dark Hair Maintenance: Haircare

Once or twice a week give your hair a nourishing mask based on argan oil or walnut oil. Apply it throughout the hair and leave it in for at least 15 minutes with your hair wrapped in a warm towel.
Massage the scalp regularly and help the production of sebum.

Homemade Recipes for Dark Hair

-Color-enhancing mask: Make a tea with a walnut or willow leaves in a liter of water. Filter the brew and apply it to wet hair after washing.
-Hair Lightening shine: make an infusion with a bunch of lime, rosemary and lavender in a quart of water. Filter the brew and add a tablespoon of cider vinegar. Apply it on wet hair, leave in and rinse.

Bold Hair Color

Bright and vibrant hair color makes a statement!

Whether you are going for the latest teen emo hairstyle, rock chick hair do, glam goth or are just simply a drama diva who wants to get noticed NOW, then check out these stare at me hair styles that will simply rock anyone’s world.

Ask your hair stylist for color that is added in blocks under your bangs, between layers and at the sides. Shades of copper, mahogany and plum work best on blondes and redheads while purple, blue and reds look good on brunettes.