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Beyonce’s Long Brown Hair

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Beyonce with chocolate colored, smooth, long, layered hairstyle. Rather than using a hot plate hair straightener, to achieve this look it is best to blow dry with a round bristle brush and a blow dryer that was the hair still maintains some volume and body.

13 responses to “Beyonce’s Long Brown Hair”

  1. kaylin says:

    beyonce i love you very much you are my biggest fan

  2. kaylin says:

    beyonce you look better than mariah carey she is sooooo not beautiful she is like a witch i DONT LIKE HER…………………

  3. kaylin says:

    she thinks shes better than evryone WITCH

  4. cassy says:

    Kaylin get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. viky says:

    Beautiful:)my favourite singer!

  6. Alsandria says:

    Excuse yourself. Who are you calling a witch???

  7. K says:

    most beautiful woman in the world i adore you Beyoncé concert wuz unreal 😀 & i think you are a million times prettier than cheryl cole i really think you are just amazing

    Love you so much Beyoncé

    Oxxx k

  8. keeeleeeeyx says:

    im getting my hair coloured that colour in 2 days xD cant wait Lol. Tbhh Beyonce is amaziingg 🙂 x

  9. brinaninaa says:

    what color brown is that?

  10. Laura says:

    what colour brown is that??

  11. Sandy says:

    That is so NOT her hair!!! LOL that’s a weave!! duhhhh

  12. Jackie says:

    LOL!!! @Sandy yes it’s not her hair.. she ain’t fooling anyone hahah

  13. Bridie Gardiner says:

    What colour would you call this, i want to dye my hair that colour, but cant find it anywhere? 🙁

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