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Once you learn these secrets to hair blow-drying you will be able to blow dry your hair like a professional stylist at no cost!

Tools you need


  • Apply product sparingly from the roots to the tip. The idea is to be able to manipulate your hair easily, but make sure it is not stiff.
  • Start with the underneath sections and work from the back to the front.
  • Place the brush on to the roots, lift up and blast down the hairshaft from root to tip until that section is dry.
  • Finish each section with a blast of cool air.

The Golden Rule

  • When using product, less is more. You don’t want your hair looking like it needs a wash. This way, the product will last longer, too!

If you take the time to practice this technique, soon your locks will be looking sleek and smooth – just like you just walked out of a salon.

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