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Emo Hair for Boys

Emo is a subculture of punk. Like all good subcultures it has gone beyond its emotional musical core to dictate a whole lifestyle which includes a certain way to dress, act and most important to this blog – way of doing your hair!

So this is a post for the emo boys, but any guy really as I think the emo hairstyle is very cool. I have included many Emo Band images for your viewing pleasure and who knows, you may just find your new mens hairstyle amongst one of these musos. Now some of you may not consider some band I put up here as Emo, fair enough – you may not consider that to be the case – but what we are looking at here is hairstyles. Emo, Screamo and post-hardcore mens hairstyles at that.

My definition of the emo boy hair style is: shorter in the back with a longer angled fringe (bang) in the front with a chunky bleached section in it. Obviously it varies from person to person. You get longer variations of the style and in many different colours.